“When some Jews accuse Muslims of attacking them, they only worsen antisemitism. …

Whoah, and in the same breath they’re telling us muslims cannot be anti-Semites and ‘Islamophobia’ is the problem!
Accusing muslims of hating infidels causes muslims to hate infidels. If you accuse muslim criminals of committing crimes it causes more crime.  If we go after jihadists it will cause more jihad. The Koran is the word of allah because it says so in the Koran. (Mullah)
  • What to do, what to do….?

Imams deny antisemitism at unity event

… Imam Tareq Oubrou from Bordeaux said that while there is some extremism and antisemitism among young Muslims, it is exaggerated by the media and by some Jews.

“Shut up or we kill you!”

“When some Jews accuse Muslims of attacking them, they only worsen antisemitism. … More worsening at The JC  By Shirli Sitbon, September 6, 2012  (thanks to Mullah)

Euro imams, rabbis pledge zero tolerance for hate preachers

Now this is a rather telling comment

“Toulouse Chief Rabbi Harald Weill regretted that no local Muslim leader contacted him to condemn the murders at the Jewish school there last March, but he did not want to give up hope.”  (BCF)

Thought crime = hate crime in the UK:

Blogger in the dock for telling the truth about socialist engineered population replacement programme:

Former city councillor Michael Coleman has gone on trial at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court accused of racially-aggravated harassment. The 46-year-old was reported to police after two blogs he wrote in response to last summer’s London riots appeared online.

In them, he said the riots were a perfect example of “the difference in personality, perceptions and values of people of the darker races and ourselves”. And he accused Stoke-on-Trent City Council of “flooding this city with Muslims and blacks, a complete population replacement programme. Darkies in, whites out.”  Stoke-on-Trent BNP leader Michael Coleman in court over ‘racist’ blogs

 Hamas to Jews: come back so we can kill you!

“Arab states are not involved in expelling their Jews but, on the contrary, are calling on Jews to return.”

Islamists blast Foreign Ministry initiative to win recompense for Jews who fled Arab rule when Israel was established

5 thoughts on ““When some Jews accuse Muslims of attacking them, they only worsen antisemitism. …”

  1. “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

  2. It is the same weird logic that puts one person in prison for a so-called phobia, while giving another special privileges for theirs.

    A man does the BITA prayer in another man’s drive, thus inciting his ‘islamophobia’, this man retaliates be throwing his shopping at him (bacon and eggs) thus inciting his ‘swinophobia’, or maybe he just lets his dog into the yard, inciting his ‘ cynophobia’.

    Which is worse: To incite a ‘phobia’ or to suffer from one? Who decides which phobias are illegal and which must be ‘accommodated’?

    Well, now, that depends on how far you and your thousand-fold community are willing to go to protect their “everything I do is right, everything you do is wrong” position.

  3. Europe is gone, no hope .They worked very well…under the water and by having kids like rabbits…., and the stupid european women have max one…By number and smiles…islamisation is there_ and even the church did not help to understand : opposite

  4. @Laisa158

    I don’t believe Europe is gone. It’s been sleeping and merely living in the 21st century. Naively, using their own barometer of civility in judgement and values against uncivilized barbarians living in the past who have been allowed and encouraged to bring their vile backwards existence into the future.

    Coupled with the co-conspiracy of the MSM and the European Socialist governments pushing population replacement. Whilst using subversive to blatant means of intimidation to silence the objections from the much hated populace.

    But, the Socialist dreaming of global control for perpetuity have gambled and it is a gamble they will loose and hopefully consign (Communism lite) Socialism and Islam to the dustbin of history where they belong.

    They have underestimated us and that will be the Neo-Communist down fall.

    Fight on.

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