6 thoughts on “UN endorses terrorism, adopts language of Al Qaeda”

  1. 1. I LOVE Hillel Neuer !
    2. The UN has become a Terrorist Organisation
    3. The right to be free from the UN, and any “accord” that our politicians have formed with this outfit and its accomplices should be added to Human Rights.
    4. the UN should be disbanded…
    5. indicted for violations of human rights and for abetting and sponsoring terrorism.

  2. Muslims, as with any species do what they do because, like cats or dogs that wash their private parts as they do, do so as an inherited trait that can not be changed or circumvented through any other means. Therefore, it is only natural that Muslims as prescribed by their Quran and having been infected with the Satanic seed of their particular Allah down through the centuries of generations deems it so. Islam is a society of a corrupted people and only an unintelligent and Satanic species can succumb to and live within the boundaries of Islam.
    Best to you, slaves of Islam for within the world of Islam, you will not only live as slaves of culture, you will die as slaves of culture, a perverted and warped culture.
    A proud Infidel

  3. UN is in their hands : islamists and leftists are the decision makers…, all the others just pay. Imbeciles

  4. @Rita

    You are right! Hillel Neuer is brilliant and he creates fences of shame with his words around the UN Mafia.

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