A limp dick editorial in The Australian reminds us that we still have 'free speech'

Valuing freedom of speech”

Embarrassing and disgraceful.

“Prudent, but belated”-– WTF does that mean? And what the hell  is freedom of speech worth when a creepy Labor dick can sit on a visa application for 6 weeks before he graciously stamps it with conditions!?  This is no way to treat  elected politicians from  friendly nations.

MMIGRATION Minister Chris Bowen has made a prudent, if belated decision to grant a visa to Dutch politician Geert Wilders to visit Australia. Whatever Mr Wilders’s views may be, Mr Bowen is right when he says Australia’s democracy is strong enough, our multiculturalism robust enough and our commitment to freedom of speech entrenched enough for the nation to withstand the visit of a “fringe commentator”.

Bowen also added insult to injury:

“Wilders is a provocateur who no doubt revels in the spotlight and would like nothing more than to be denied entry to Australia and garner his cause more attention.”

Well, yes, because he loves to live under house arrest. We’re talking about a man who once said he was glad he didn’t have children so that they weren’t forced to live the same way as he does. That’s the sort of spotlight we’re talking about, right?

Shameless, ignorant, insulting and inept. 


Today, in a display of gob-smacking gall, Bowen announced: “I have decided not to intervene to deny him a visa …”

This from a minister who let a visa application sit from August to October, waited until after Wilders had cancelled his trip, and the organisers of the visit had lost thousands of dollars, to decide “not to intervene”.

Bowen used an opinion piece in The Australian today to dump a bucket-load of bile on Wilders: “His views are offensive. To read his writings is to be struck by their ignorance… a far-right politician… anti-Islamist … an extremist … a provocateur … a fringe commentator … a sideshow…”

Mr Wilders, a Dutch MP, founded and leads The Netherlands’ Party for Freedom. His campaign to stop what he claims is the “Islamisation” of his country, which is 5.8 per cent Muslim, struck a chord, initially, with some Dutch voters, but the party was thumped in last month’s election, plunging from 24 to 15 seats after opposing government austerity measures and advocating a withdrawal from the EU.

As Mr Bowen wrote in The Australian yesterday, Mr Wilders, whose visit has now been postponed until February, will be subject to Australian laws against racial vilification and inciting violence, like any visiting speaker. Mr Wilders, who has likened the Koran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf and berated what he regards as Islam’s alleged destruction of Western values, is outspoken. So is British preacher Taji Mustafa, who was granted a visa to enter Australia and who told a conference of fundamentalist group Hizb ut-Tahrir in western Sydney last month that Islam was not only a religion but also a system of government that needed to be implemented “radically” and “completely” through a return to the Islamic Khilafah (caliphate) system.

The violent hatreds expressed by the Islamic fringe a fortnight ago in Sydney in protest at the insulting film Innocence of Muslims underlined the need to reconfigure Australian multiculturalism to foster the values of democracy, free speech and tolerance. In a free society, it is not the role of governments to use the visa system to censor speakers whose views are likely to cause aggravation.

Where is our free society now?

Australian Muslim leaders took a responsible stand yesterday in calling on Muslims to remain calm and to rise above any provocation from Mr Wilders.

That’s not what they said. They said they ‘might not be able to control their ‘yoots’, which means its our fault if they run amok.

Free speech is a vital part of our democracy, and defending it sometimes requires us to defend views with which we strongly disagree.

Sounds like a beast of burden. Why work in a media kitchen if you can’t stand the heat, Mr editor?

8 thoughts on “A limp dick editorial in The Australian reminds us that we still have 'free speech'”

  1. Disgusting behaviour from idiot Chris Bowen, bowen down to his Muslim masters. What a clown!!

  2. The more I think of it the more suspicious I am of that YouTube video. How convenient for this trailer that no one had even heard of, to surface right around 9/11 and the sitting of the General Assembly.

    You have to start asking; who has benefited most from the thing? While its tacky, yes, its based on truthful premises about Islam. Yes they want us all back in the stone age, yes Muhammad was a pedophile, yes they want to restrict our rights to freedom of speech. So why prosecute bad over-acting, bad comedy and a bit of hyperbole, we’re used to it aren’t we?

    The actors certainly haven’t benefited from it, nor the producer/director it seems. I’m sure it was never going to be shown at the local Cineplex. So who was the intended audience? Did the producer/director believe he would get a return on his $5 million or whatever it cost through YouTube? Who were the other backers prepared to lose that kind of cash, because it seems Noukala was a pretty unsavoury character with a string of unpaid debts and other pending charges?

    Again, the only beneficiaries it would seem are those who would stifle our rights and send us back to the 7th century. People have died for this trailer. Embassies have burned. It’s being touted from the squalid slums of Bangladesh (do they even have internet there?) and the other 56 OIC cesspools to the UN as exhibit A in a quest to label us all islamophobes. Meanwhile the leftard MSM and our gutless politicians act as their cheer squad, appeasing this filth. Hypocrites!

    These barbarians don’t care about the money, but they DO care about ushering in the blasphemy laws the OIC’s been working on for the last, well, forever. So again I ask, who has benefited most from this film? Why has BHussein Obama milked this ditzy trailer for all its worth at every opportunity he gets? Hmmmm…..

    While I’m ranting, there’s a few things I don’t get: muslims covet the benefits the West has brought them – mobile phones, medicine, music, internet, lipstick etc – yet they hate us for using them; in the case of Iran, its awash with oil, yet it sticks to its lie about building nuclear “power”; they treat their women worse than feral dogs, yet rabid feminists are silent. In fact the left intelligentsia dhimmis are silent, even when that spittle-flecked turd talks about the return of the madhi and the worldwide caliphate. Have they read the Koran? Have they read history? Have they listened to the mullacracy spewing forth their vile and hatred? Do they see the entire Middle East has their hand out for billions of our aid, yet sits on billions dollars worth of oil? Anyway I could go on …

    Its just so frustrating watching the disintegration of Western Civilization right before our eyes, almost on a daily basis. While the hand-wringers look on – or worse aid and abet them.

  3. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/opinion/far-right-politician-has-endorsement-of-dutch-voters/story-fn558imw-1226486841602

    First of all Geert Wilders is not “Far Right”. This is a vicious smear by socialist palace eunuchs. Wilders is a Social Democrat. Just like Thilo Sarazzin is a Social Democrat. That needs to be understood.

    Far-Right Politician Has Endorsement of Dutch Voters

    HOW generous of Immigration Minister Chris Bowen to allow Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders a visa (“Critic of Islam in line for visit visa”, 2/10).

    That will be the same Wilders who leads a party that has more than 20 members in the Dutch parliament. In fact, it has far more representation than the Australian Greens Party on which Bowen relies for his position in government.

    How inconvenient democracy can prove to the likes of Bowen. I might not like Wilders’s views but they have struck a chord with the Dutch voters.

    Chris Watson, Carlton River, Tas

    CHRIS Bowen is quite wrong to call Geert Wilders a “fringe commentator” and an “extremist”.

    Wilders gives voice to a range of concerns about the role of contemporary Islam in Western societies that are shared by millions of people. Bowen quite arbitrarily dismisses these concerns, declaring that Wilders and those who agree with him are very simply wrong in their beliefs without providing any argument of supporting evidence.

    Mervyn F Bendle, Townsville, Qld

    CHRIS Bowen does a vicious pen sketch of Wilders as someone who is wrong, offensive, ignorant, wrong-headed about other people’s beliefs and a provocateur and extremist commentator. Yet there is not a single example to support his characterisation.

    Robert Bruce Gates, Port Douglas, Qld

    CHRIS Bowen’s commentary on Wilders’s application for a visa is of serious concern.

    While the visa’s approval is welcome, it should not have been delayed for the elected leader of a political party in Holland.

    Further, to suggest that Wilders’s views are based on “ignorance” and “wrong-headed views of other people’s beliefs” reveals an astonishing and worrying failure by Australia’s immigration minister to understand the extent of extremism in the Muslim community both in Australia and overseas in countries such as Holland.

    Des Moore, South Yarra, Vic

    IN response to Chris Bowen’s opinion of Geert Wilders, may I ask what is the difference between Wilders’s and Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s opinion regarding Islam? Not much, to be honest.

    Both are fierce and unapologetic critics of Islam based in Holland.

    Why then was Hirsi invited to speak in Sydney without incident or condemnation, and Wilders had his visa delayed until the last minute and then, when granted, was critiqued by Bowen for good measure?

    Jonathan Smith, Maroochydore, Qld

  4. I see one way to stop obama and throw islamic idiots out of the US door.
    It is very simple. Obama is in an election bind, and does not need any more problems with islam at present. Yet he sends unlimited funds to muslim countries, and these are probably funding our enemies.How to make him stop all of this? Organize koran burnings in every village, town and city immediately and make sure CAIR receives all of the pictures. The screaming from muslim countries would be intense. This would force obama and congress to stop contributing to our enemies to stop it.

  5. Can you just imagine the jumping up and down of the muslim maniacs if we started burning korans in both the US and Australia in great quantities…? All the muslims in both of our countries will lose their cool, not to mention the middle east, and that is good for Infidels. The governments would be forced to clamp down on muslim troublemakers including deportation for the worst ringleaders. It is guaranteed to throw all their plans in a cocked hat.

  6. through a return to the Islamic Khilafah (caliphate) system.

    Muslims are unable to do it on their own. On their own they were quite incapable to overthrow Mubarak or Gaddaffi. That is why we are helping them.

    Why? There are many strategic reasons to do so. That is why I support our policy to intervene in muslim countries.

    Islam is finished. They dont realise it now, just as a frog does not realise that its being cooked slowly.

  7. @oblique: i think hollywood does see & is reacting in an (cowardly) secritive way. have faith!!

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