Bring me the children…..

Kindly, Grandfatherly Cleric Saad Arafat Helps The Children To Understand

Watch his lesson, for four little children learning about the Prophet and those who insult him,and how to deal with them.

This is a clip worth sending out urbi et orbi, especially to those whom you know who still refuse to grasp the nature of Islam. Let them see this clip, and then let them sample the offerings at that most revealing of websites, MEMRI.  (Hugh Fitzgerald)

Egyptian Cleric Saad Arafat to Young Children: Don’t Burn Embassies, God Will Torment Offenders  (MEMRI TV)

This Arafart must be a ‘moderate’. I have seen much worse.

Egyptian Cleric Saad Arafat to Young Children: We Don’t Need to Burn Embassies, God Will Torment Offenders

Following are excerpts from a children’s show, hosted by Egyptian cleric Saad Arafat, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on September 21, 2012.

Saad Arafat: Have you heard that in recent days, they made a film mocking the Prophet Muhammad?

Children: Yes.

Saad Arafat: Were you happy or sad?

Children: Sad.

Saad Arafat: Why were you sad, Jannah?

Jannah: Because they curse God.

Saad Arafat: They curse the Prophet Muhammad. Is anyone allowed to curse the Prophet?

Children: No.

Saad Arafat: Absolutely not. The Prophet is in our hearts and on our heads. We love him more than we love our fathers, our mothers, and ourselves. I love him even more than I love myself.


Will God do something to someone who mocks the Prophet, or not?

Children: He will.

Saad Arafat: What will He do to him?

Children: He will kill him.

Saad Arafat: He will torment him.

Children: Right.

Saad Arafat: Just like he harmed the Prophet, he will be harmed by God. He will be tormented even more than he tormented the Prophet. God may send something to burn him or to strangle him…

Child: God will dig a well and throw him in, and…

Saad Arafat: … because he didn’t listen to what the Prophet had to say.

Let’s listen to a story, and see what happened.


Hulagu’s wife was a Christian who hated Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.


Whenever she met with people, she started cursing Islam and the Prophet. She cursed the Muslims, in order to make people the… whom?

Children: Muhammad.

Saad Arafat: One day, when she gathered the people, a Christian man started cursing the Prophet Muhammad. He said: “This Muhammad is a liar and a sorcerer. He is not a prophet. What he says is not true. He is making up lies about God.”


Do you know what hunting dogs are?

Children: Yes.

Saad Arafat: They had one of those hunting dogs tied there. When the dog heard the man cursing the Prophet Muhammad – do you think he got made or not?

Children: He got mad.

Saad Arafat: He jumped on the man and was about to kill him. The dog tore at him… [to a child]: Keep still. [to all the children]: He tore at him, and began biting him. The people there quickly grabbed the dog and put him back where he was.


When they started talking again, he started cursing the Prophet Muhammad again. He said even worse things about him. He said that the Prophet married 13 wives, that he took the money [of the Muslims] for himself, and that he lied about God. He began cursing the Prophet.

What did the dog do all that time? He listened and concentrated. He got mad. Who was he made about?

Children: About the man.

Saad Arafat: Finally, the dog couldn’t take it anymore. He got so mad about the man cursing the Prophet that he tore the rope, jumped on him, grabbed him by the throat and ripped it out. The man died on the spot. Did he deserve it or not?

Children: He did.

Saad Arafat: Why?

Children: Because he cursed the Prophet Muhammad.


Saad Arafat: Is a dog capable of understanding?

Children: No.

Saad Arafat: Who made him jump on the man and rip out his throat?

Children: God.

Saad Arafat: Right, because God said to the Prophet Muhammad: I will defend you. Allah defends those who believe.


When the people there saw that the dog had killed the man – what do you think they did? Were these people Muslims or not?

Children: They were Muslims.

Saad Arafat: No, they were not Muslims. They were infidels. Do you know what these people did when they saw that the dog had killed the man?

Child: They killed the dog.

Saad Arafat: No.

Child: they killed the man.

Saad Arafat: But he was already dead. Do you know what they did? They converted to Islam.


What will God do to the people who made that abusive film?

Children: He will torment them.

Saad Arafat: Basmallah, who will He torment them, for example?

Basmallah: He’ll put them in the Hellfire.

Saad Arafat: That’s in the afterlife, but what can He do to the man in this world? Abd Al-Rahman, what can God do to them?

Abd Al-Rahman: He can kill them.

Saad Arafat: How?

Abd Al-Rahman: For example, when they ride in a car…

Saad Arafat: When they are riding in a car, it might fall into the sea, and they will drown. When they are at home, the gas might be left on, and their home will burn down, with them inside. They may be walking down the street, and a car will run them over.


Did you see how amazing this is? God protected and defended the Prophet by sending a dog to take revenge upon the man who was cursing him.


What are we supposed to do?

Child: We should hold demonstrations, until they ban the screening of the film that affronts the Prophet.

Saad Arafat: But should we burn cars in these demonstrations?

Children: No.

Saad Arafat: Should we burn down embassies?

Children: No. They should be peaceful demonstrations.

Saad Arafat: Should we burn the New Testament?

Children: No.

Saad Arafat: Absolutely not. We must not sow corruption or anything like that.