Deranged Savage Mona Eltahawy Claims Vandalism is Freedom of Speech

Its a libtard world under Obamunism:

#Savage Mona Eltahawy defames Pamela Geller on @CNN, @CNNnewsroom Allows no counter argument or self defense  (Pamela Geller)

Soros sponsored kumbaya preacher  Jim Wallis:

“Stop talking!!”

Fascist savage Islamic supremacist writer Mona Eltahawy, who thinks vandalizing other people’s free speech is free speech, is growing desperate, as more and more people realize that her spray-painting my AFDI pro-freedom ad and pro-freedom activist Pamela Hall was not a blow for freedom, but for violence, oppression and thuggery. And as she grows more desperate, she grows more shrill, and her lies become more outlandish. Saturday she said this on CNN:

Pamela Geller is known — she has a long and disgusting history of anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, and anti-African-American hate. She’s racist and bigoted. And I’m proud that I took part in this protest.

“A long and disgusting history of anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, and anti-African-American hate” — oh really? Where? When? I have been fighting for human rights for Muslim girls in danger of honor killing, and Muslim apostates, and for the freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and equality of rights for all people. If Mona Eltahawy thinks that “racism,” that just confirms her slavery to the Islamic supremacist agenda.

And what’s even worse is that the CNN doesn’t even challenge her on this brazen slander.

CNN allows defamation, libel and smear to go unchallenged.

The airhead host kicks off her nazi-like propaganda segment with disinformation, saying that our ads were run by a “judeo-christian” law firm.” Huh?

And the Eva Braun-inspired host focuses on the dhimmi Jewish groups that have criticized the ad while ignoring the influential Jewsih voices like Caroline Glick, Martin Sherman, Steve Goldberg, Paul Schnee, et al that have all supported the campaign.

Write or Tweet @CNN and @CNNnewsroom and demand equal time.

UPDATE: Good take here: Mona Eltahawy, so-called journalist, a so-called American, brings Muslim Brotherhood-style censorship to America


Eltahawy fan Bina Shah tries to make  sense:

Nudity, Niqab and the illusion of ‘free choice’

Here’s what freedom of choice really looks like when it comes to the niqab, the hijab, the burqa, and the abaya:

“Nothing happens if you wear it. Nothing happens if you don’t wear it. Now, it’s up to you.”

Then stand back and let the woman decide for herself. And stay out of it, for good.

And for those of you who feel a hijab or a niqab or a burqa or an abaya is not a prison, but a symbol of empowerment, I want to ask you why a piece of cloth on your head or face has so much sway over your lives that it transforms you from a whore into a virtuous woman.

Remember that in Pakistan, even the prostitutes wear veils.

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