Egypt, the Model!

Obama Quote Displayed in Cairo Airport:

“We must educate our children to become like young Egyptian people.”

Egypt? An educational model for American youth? Lets have a look what they are teaching their children:

“Let us fight fanatically for our religion; let us love a man-because he is a Moslem; let us honor a man- because he is a Moslem; let us prefer him to anyone else-because he is a Moslem; and never let us make friends with unbelievers, because they have nothing but evil for us.”  (Andrew Bostom has more)

Egypt: there’s a Riot Going On!

110 injured as secularists and Islamic supremacists clash in Cairo

The disagreement over the constitutions centers on whether or not it will transform Egypt into an Islamic state. If these “clashes” escalate, it will be interesting to see which side will get the backing of the American Left, which has fully supported the Islamic supremacists. But it’s not likely they will break with their Islamic supremacist friends — to do so would be “Islamophobic.”

Secularists in Egypt battle the Muslim Brotherhood for control of Tahrir Sq (Vlad Tepes)

Lots more here:

Here’s a hint:

Many  secular-minded Egyptians and minority Christians worry that Mursi and his Islamist supporters will seek to impose religious restrictions on society.

No kidding, really?–“Egypt’s liberals and Islamists clash; 110 injured,” from Reuters, October 12 (JW)

“Morally Bankrupt”

US berates Russia for aiding Syria-Washington denounces Moscow’s policy of supporting Syria as “morally bankrupt”, as tensions over seized cargo escalate.


Violent confrontations between Islamic supremacist and Leftist students

The once-storied love affair is fraying in both Egypt and Tunisia.

“Leftist-Islamist Struggle Fuels Tunisian University Violence,” by: Noureddine Baltayeb for al-Akhbar, October 5 (thanks to Heliogabalus):

Tunis – The faculty of Human and Social Sciences at the University of Tunis closed on Thursday and suspended classes for three days after violent confrontations broke out between Islamist and leftist students, causing considerable damage to classrooms and facilities – and promising a difficult academic year to come.

Notorious Anti-Semite And 911 Denier Appointed Head Of Egyptian Government Religious Department

This will work out beautifully:

Egyptian Arabic-language media is reporting that Salah Soltan, a notorious anti-Semite and formerly part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood,, has been appointed as Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (SCIF) attached  to the Egyptian Ministry of Waqf.  (MuBro Report)

Afghan government “could collapse” post-NATO– I’d say it will collapse within days.
Think-tank sounds “implosion” warning depending on presidential elections after coalition troop withdrawal in 2014.

3 thoughts on “Egypt, the Model!”

  1. @kaw,

    I don’t think the folks in the states need anymore proof, well at least those with a brain and those who are not party voters. It has been fascinating. I have met many Americans who regret they voted for the Manchurian candidate.

    The people I met here in the states, they are remorseful and even feel shame at voting for him. When that shame was articulated it was very intense. As I see it, the ones that are left for the Potus are diehard lefties, blacks, Hollywood loons and party democrats (who vote for parties, not people.)

    Last week, although it was brushed under the carpet, there was a scandal in the states, where the President’s campaign was taken donations from foreign donors. See link.

    He should have been crucified in the media as this is the second time the president has been caught out. As previously, there were donations from the ME, such as Palestinians like, Osama, Hossam, or Edwan Monir who live in the Rafah refugee camp. They donated $10,000 of dollars to the Potus.

    See archived article from the American Thinker,

    At the time, when I was reading about the percentage of donations received by both candidates Obama was $200 million (that is with foreign donations) below Romney. IMHO, the money that Obama received in the last election is not there and if the money is not there, then the votes (voters) are not there.

    I can’t see him being re-elected unless he steals the election.

  2. Hill,
    I suspect, that he and his left wing supporters will try and steal the election – be very alert!!!

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