Germany: “You have to use violence to defend Islamic values?”

BONN – “You have to use violence to defend Islamic values?” asks the judge.

“Yes, of course,” Murat K. replies.

Five months after he attacked police officers with a knife, the 26-year-old Salafist came clean in the courtroom: it was his duty, he said, to wound the police officers.

Murak K. stated: “I’m not afraid of punishment. I’m not afraid of deportation. I want that to be very clear.”

The verdict is expected next week.

Its a learning process. Trouble is, they know much more about us than we know about them.

The officers in question are veterans, used to dealing with hooligans and rioting demonstrators, also very aggressive ones. They are not prone to being easily riled. That they should be the ones involved makes Murat K.’s case all the more unusual.

The wiry 49-year-old commander has been with the police’s operational readiness squad since 1998. Murat K. went for him with a knife, but missed.

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5 thoughts on “Germany: “You have to use violence to defend Islamic values?””

  1. An attack on the police is an attack against the state.

    Kick him out of Germany he adds nothing of value to society, let him find a Muslim state that is more in line with his Muslim values.

  2. Islam has so little valid arguments to support its doctrines on which its so ‘”values” are based that it has the resort to violence or at least the threat of violence to puhold its ideas

  3. They’ve studied us; they know us, and they act on what they’ve learned. But we can’t tell what we know about them without being sued. If we were as confident and arrogant as they, we’d be winning.

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