"Heartwarming" Billions….

Spending big on UN trinkets  (Andrew Bolt)

Greg Sheridan on spending millions and donating billions to win the great prize of a seat on the UN Security Council:

We now take our place among the global giants: Luxembourg and Rwanda.


Bob Carr on ABC AM yesterday:

IT’S a wonderful, heart-warming endorsement of Australia as a good local citizen. It’s countries saying: “We like Australia. We think Australia’s role is good and positive and we want to see Australia provide leadership.”

The lunatics are running the asylum. Australia would be so much better off declaring itself a U.N. Free Zone:

4 thoughts on “"Heartwarming" Billions….”

  1. Is this why the Australian government kisses muslim butt, so they can earn a seat on the islamic -controlled farce called the UN? Then there are some seriously demented people running the country.

  2. I think Gillard and Co should be brought to the table to explain why Australia benefits from a position on the “board”. Have we sold our souls so that we too will behave like the muslim countries who infect the security council and other branches of the UN with their own brand of nepotism and dishonesty.

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