Imam Rauf & his brand-new model of "American Islam" (SOS)

Arizona Republic

The  creepy old snake oil salesman worries that da’awa gets a lot harder to do when people wake up to what Islam really is. Rauf insists that “Islam does not support what the Taliban has done”- but as always in these cases, his opinion is mere taqiyya if he doesn’t back it up with chapter and verse. He doesn’t.

Islam can serve as a model  (No. It can’t.)

As a Muslim who has spent a lifetime studying the Quran, I am grieved that the Taliban in Pakistan tried to assassinate a teenage girl whose only offense was her ambition to become an educated woman — a doctor no less.

Adding to the outrage, a Taliban spokesman said the girl’s crusade for an education was “an obscenity” and the Taliban would try to kill her again if she recovers.

So what does this mean to the people of Phoenix?

Such events spark fear among Westerners. They give ammunition to people who say the Islamic religion is violent and oppresses women. They insist it must be discouraged, contained and fought.

Yet I know that Islam does not support what the Taliban has done. In fact, this was a cr