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New Anti-Jihad Ad Campaign to Roll Out across NYC

Geller has been in a long and complicated battle with The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the company that owns and operates the city’s subway, train and bus systems. While the MTA initially attempted to ban the ads last year, a judge ruled in Geller’s favor, leading to a decision to post them at numerous subway stops last month.

But the contention didn’t end there. On Friday, we reported on the transit group’s controversial free-speech decision to revise its advertising standards as a result of the incident. The MTA, via its official rules, now reserves the right to ban ads that “would incite or provoke violence” — a decision Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz is calling “plain dumb” and “unconstitutional.”

Conservative Pamela Geller to Expand Anti-Jihad Campaign With New Bus Ads in NYC (See Exclusive Images!)

Pamela’s new ads

New anti-jihad ad campaign to roll out across NYC
“Defend America, Defeat Jihad — The Display of This Advertisement Does Not Imply MTA’s Endorsement of the Views Expressed.” This is just too good.

Pamela Geller has much more on her brilliant campaign here.

“Conservative Pamela Geller to Expand Anti-Jihad Campaign With New Bus Ads in NYC,” by Billy Hallowell in The Blaze, October 2 (thanks to Pamela Geller):


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