Israel, Peanut Khadr & the Love Affair between Hamas & Qatar

Why warn about something that deserves to be welcomed?

Only A Measly $150 Million? The Emir Should Give Much More

Judging by the picture, the Waddling Emir appears to have lost weight. Was it Mozah — he best-and-most-Western-looking and forward-thinking and third of his wives, who insisted? Or is it doctors’ orders? From Voice of America: Qatar’s Leader Visits Gaza Hamas Prime Minister Ismail …Read More…

Peanut Khadr sez:   Everything is Israel’s fault - 

Meet “The Elders”: 

Here they are, the Wise Men Of Gotham, the Last of the Just, the whatever-you-want, as long as you agree with them — the latest conclusion was reached after a “two-day visit” that you know did not include any investigation of the Treaty of Hudaibiiya or a single Hadith, or a single one of the more than one hundred Jihad-verses in the Qur’an,  that Israel is……

 Pal’s don’t like to be bombed, but keep shooting rockets into Israel

Nice shooting!

Once again, the IDF responded to rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, as well as a serious bomb attack earlier today, and once again, both of those killed were terrorists - both from Hamas.

The men were fighters hit while they were trying to fire rockets at Israeli towns, a Hamas-affiliated radio station reported.  Pal- Arab killed as Israel shells Gaza. Artillery attack targets fighters trying to launch rockets into Israel, hours after bomb attack wounded Israeli soldier.

BDSers celebrate being dicks

A performance by an Israeli dance group in Brighton next month has been cancelled amid security concerns, in a decision that anti-Israel campaigners are hailing as a victory.