Its Gillard who lies, not Alan Jones

The Australian media gallery is a willing lynch mob for a criminal government.  They are not only derelict in their duty to inform, they’re out to destroy.

3 days of this is more than enough. There is something sinister going on.

If Julia Gillard father died not knowing that his daughter is a scheming, lying manipulating socialist bitch then he also died a fool.

Australia has an unelected, deceitful, lying PM. That’s a fact. We all know that.

In order to buy time and in denial of responsibility, Labor encourages the lynch mob

The palace eunuchs should be focussing on the squandering, inept dolts who make us the laughing stock of the world. Instead, they are shameless and complicit Imbeciles.

After ‘globull worming’ was “the biggest challenge of our time”, our Red-Green megalomaniacs have looted and squandered the nations wealth to buy favors from third world thugs, criminals and dictators. They have betrayed our trust and should be imprisoned for life, after being stripped of all assets.  Squandering dolts they are.

Out of money, the next attack is Labor’s sneaky plan for a super robbery

In New York, our plucky little Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, roused herself from her sick bed to speak for all Australians:

Was it, perhaps, to speak out against the lunatic ravings of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who said on Monday Israel had no roots in the Middle East and would be “eliminated,” ignoring a U.N. warning to avoid incendiary rhetoric ahead of the annual General Assembly session.

Sadly, the answer is no.  Gillard’s UN spin  (Piers Akerman)

Spending billions to buy Labor a Security Council seat (Andrew Bolt)

What a colossal distortion of our national interest – and our budget:

AUSTRALIAN aid spending in Africa, the Caribbean, South East Asia and the Pacific has increased by more than $2.9 billion since the government announced its bid for the UN Security Council.

Countries traditionally not supported by Australia, which the government believes are now backing the bid, have been lavished with tens of millions of dollars…

Spending in Africa, where the government has concentrated much of its effort due to the region’s 50 UN votes, has included a $300,000 membership of a convention on biological diversity in Kenya.

The number of African countries receiving support doubled between 2008-10, a government aid spending report revealed, with total spending in the region leaping from $101 million in 2007-08 to $354 million this financial year…

Five years ago Australia gave no aid to the Caribbean but the region, along with South America, has been lavished with almost $170 million in assistance since the UN bid was announced… A scholarship program in 2010 cost $150,000, diplomatic training came with a $330,000 bill and $210,000 was spent on a Caribbean Economic Resilience Design.

South America has also benefited with $65 million given to a giant telescope project in Chile’s Atacama Desert.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr denied the aid and development splurge is linked with the bid.

And wise heads just laugh at his effrontery.

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  1. Thanks for the podcast. I just LOOOOORRRRVVVVE Andrew Bolt. And the dark forces of the hyana-filled left are after this courageous defender of our values and the freedom of speech also.

    For those who are in Sydney and can tear themselves away from “Big Brother” do listen to Radio 2GB between 8pm and 9pm when Andrew Bolt gives his take on the day.

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