Now Those Qur'an Quotes Are At Long Last Ready For Prime Time

Passages from the Qur’an — 9.29 and 9.5 come to mind, and so do a hundred others — should be the subject of Op/Ed pieces, should be read out over the airwaves, both on radio and television, without any inhibitions, and audiences should be asked if they think this is the kind of text upon which a Congressmen ought to be swearing allegiance. Is he swearing allegiance to the Untied States, and if so, it is passing strange that he would choose to do it using as his unshakeable guide a book that contradicts, in every way, the legal and political institutions of this country, and menaces directly — no mincing words about it — the physical wellbeing of all non-Muslims.

If Ellison chooses to use the Qur’an, make sure he, and CAIR, will regret it — regret it endlessly. It could be a long-running Teaching Lesson for the American public. And should be.

Hugh | January 1, 2009 

The signs that are prepared for these demonstrations in support of Israel, and against Hamas, should be more than the usual, and not very effective “No To Hamas” or “We Stand With Israel” stuff. That doesn’t do much good. What would do a lot of good is for there to be prepared, at each demonstration, signs that contain quotes from the Qur’an, those that call for killing the Unbeliever, and warning Muslims not to take Jews and Christians as friends, and so on, and then a few choice Hadith will also work magic. It would also be good to have demonstrators with bits and pieces of the Hamas Charter written on them.

And, in addition to these revealing bits of Islamic texts, and Hamas’ use of those texts, there should be signs that give specific information about what has happened. That is, not signs that say “Stop the Hamas Rockets on Civilians” but something like “6,000 rockets have rained down on Israeli cities and towns from Hamas in the last two years. What country on earth would stand for this?”

Here are a few Qur’anic passages to look up and use: 9.5 (jihad against non-Muslims), 9.25 (ditto), 3.11 (the superiority of non-Muslims), 5.51 (Muslims not to take Jews and Christians as friends), 33.61 (describing Infidels as the Cursed Ones whom Believers are to seize and kill without pity), .47.4 (smiting the Unbelievers around the neck)

As for Hadith –possibly Bukhari LVIII 236, or LII 260, or Muslim XVII 4216, could be the basis of a starter-kit for your Poster Project. You will be doing many things. You will substitute for the bland and unhelpful and unc0nvincing “Stop Hamas” something deeper, something that will stick in the minds of those taking part in the demonstration, and all those who see the demonstration, and those who film the demonsetration, and those reporters who will cover the demonstration. It forces them to start finding out about Islam – or otherwise simply looking like fools.

You will also be relating the Arab war against Israel to Islam. And that is why other posters should bear such slogans as “The Jihad against Israel has no end” or – and this appears to contradict the first, but let’s call it a pious if naïve and hopeless hope, “Stop the Jihad” or “Stop the World-Wide Jihad.” Other posters might bear a list of cities: New York and Washington 9/11/2001, London 7/7/2005, and Amsterdam (date of killing of Van Gogh), Madrid (bomb on the subway and at Atocha station), Beslan (the school), Moscow (the theatre), Mumbai (everywhere), and so on. Make that list comprehensive. And make sure that there are as many representatives of those who are among the first victims of Jihad today – Hindus, black Africans from the Sudan or from southern Nigeria, possibly a Thai Buddhist with a sign about the Muslim decapitations of Buddhists in southern Thailand, Copts and Maronites if they dare to come, and so on =— — in other words, hit the Muslim side with everything. And keep at it, and don’t stop.
You will start the education of the Infidel public. And you will drive some among your sinister enemies absolutely hysterical, but what can they do? Can they deny that those Qur’anic passages exist, exactly as you have put them up? Can they deny the “autheniticity” of Hadith that the greatest muhaddithin, Bukhari and Muslim, deemed authentic? Can they deny the bloodcurdling words of the Hamas Charter? Oh, and fpr good measure, why doesn’t someone put on a poster the Zuhair Mohsen quote about the propagandistic origins of the “Palestinian people.” And finally, make sure that you have a poster that lists the tonnage of the trucks that have continually supplied, from Israel – not a truck has come in from the Arab Republic of Egypt – even during the so-called “ceasefire” that Hamas was breaking all along. Other posters can ask: Is Israel required to supply goods and services for those who wish to destroy it, and are doing their best to do so? Why?

In other words, something more than the usual “We Support Israel” should be done. A little thought, a little imagination – it can go a long way, in this as in all other things.

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  1. Here’s something a reader posted concerning America’s introduction to islam; from:

    The Infidel Alliance – THE ISLAMIC WORLD WAR

    Dear Mr. Adelman and fellow readers,

    This is a very important and moving article, but it overlooked our nations first warning about Islam – the Barbary Wars of 1801 -1805 and again in 1815. Our founding fathers faced this threat, understood it, wrote about it and defeated it…and yet we forgot about it. We forgot that our VERY FIRST FOREIGN WAR was against Islam.

    As important as it is to understand how often the United States has been attacked by Islam, the problem is much greater than that. We are not in a ‘War on Terror” any more than World War 2 was a ‘War on Blitzkreig’. We are in nothing less thab THE ISLAMIC WORLD WAR.


    If we look at the facts we can see the truth, that Islam is not just at war with the United States and Israel, but with all non-Islamic peoples, cultures and civilizations in every corner of the globe.

    It is Islam against:

    – the Catholics in the Philippines (routine slaughter &
    – the Christians & Ahmadiyya in Indonesia (routine slaughter &
    – Australian tourists in Hindu Bali (blown up…twice)
    – the Buddhists in Thailand (routine slaughter & beheadings)
    – the Hindus & Sikhs in India (hundreds of years battling the Islamic
    – the Jews in Mumbai (slaughtered)
    – the Zoroastrians & Baha’i in Iran (virtually exterminated)
    – Islamic converts to Christianity in Afghanistan (death fatwa)
    – ancient Buddhist statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan (blown up)
    – the Chaldean Christians in Iraq (routine persecution, slaughter & church
    – the Jews in Israel (routine attacks against civilians, threat of 2nd
    – the Jews in Yemen (nearly exterminated)
    – S. Korean & German tourists in Yemen (kidnapped, blown up)
    – the Coptic Christians in Egypt (routine persecution, slaughter & church
    – the Christians & animists in Sudan (genocide)
    – the Christians in Kenya (constant Jihadist threat)
    – all non-Muslims in Mali (persecuted by Islamic Sharia)
    – the Christians in Nigeria (routine Jihadist attacks)
    – U.S. embassies in Tanzania & Kenya (blown up)
    – the athiests in Europe (the prime target)
    – the native French in Paris (torched car terrorism)
    – Jews in Paris (read the grisly story of Ilan Halimi, a Jewish shop clerk who
    was kidnapped, tortured and killed in 2006)
    – the native Swedes in Malmo (Islamic rape brigades)
    – the native Dutch in Amsterdam (routinely terrorized)
    – Dutch politicians (Geert Wilders & Ayyan Hirsi Ali – death fatwa)
    – Dutch cinematographers (Theo vanGogh savagely murdered by an Islamist in
    broad daylight)
    – Danish cartoonists (Kurt Westergaard – death fatwa)
    – Dutch newspaper editors (Flemming Rose, Jyllands-Posten’s culture editor
    –death fatwa)
    – Train commuters in Spain (blown up)
    – Tube commuters in London (blown up)
    – the airport in Scotland (blown up)
    – Jews in Argentina (blown up)
    – Jews in Caracas (blown up)
    – Twin Tower office workers in N.Y. (blown up – twice)
    – Defense workers in the Pentagon (blown up – airliner jihad)
    – Army/Navy military recruiters in Little Rock (gunned down by an Islamist)
    – Soldiers at Ft. Hood Texas (gunned down by an Islamist infiltrator)
    – Pedestrians at the U. of N. Carolina (run down with an SUV by Islamist)
    – Journalists like Daniel Pearl (savagely decapitated by Islamists)
    – Nick Berg, Kim Sung-il, Piotr Stanczyk, Jack Hensley, Eugene Armstrong, Paul
    Johnson (infidels savagely decapitated by Islamists)
    – Jewish centers in Seattle (attacked by Islamist Jihadist)
    – Jewish centers in Toronto (attacked by Islamist Jihadist)
    – Infidel Delta Airlines passengers (underwear bomber)
    – Times Square pedestrians (SUV bomber)
    – Soccer fans in Uganda (Blown up while watching the world cup)
    – Churches in Iraq, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia (blown up)
    – Buddhist temples in Bangladesh (burned down by raging
    – Embassies in Egypt, Libya (attacked by Jihadists)

    And on, and on, and on……….

    It is Islam against everyone, everything, everywhere that is not Islamic.

    It is Dar al-Islam against Dar al-Harb. Them against us, not us against them.

    THE ISLAMIC WORLD WAR – the supremecist totalitarian violent mandate by Allah & Muhammed in the Koran & Ahadith:

    “Allahsaid ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.’” – Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 327

    The Messenger of Allah said “I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” – Muslim 1:33

    Allah’s Apostle Muhammed said “I have been made victorious with terror” – Bukhari 52:220

    Could it be anymore crystal clear? The doctrine? The mandates? The method? The tactics? The violence? The hatred? The undeniable history?

    I’ve been beating this drum for years. We MUST start controlling the narrative. We must start calling this what it really is. We must get these word in the common consciousness and lexicon:


    It’s real. Please help spread the truth.

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

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