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Whose “Taboo” Is It Anyway?

I’m always amused by Jews, including this young fellow, who believe they are breaking some communal taboo by criticizing Israel.
Not only has Israel always been on the receiving end of obloquy by some Jews, but on university campuses these days, where Israel is seen as the worst of the worst (“colonialist,” “occupier,” “apartheid state”), it is a much bigger taboo to criticize those who are critical of the Jewish state. I suppose, though, that the “taboo-breakers,” such as the one linked to above, like to think of themselves as mavericks who are defying the fusty and the hidebound within their own community. And no doubt these “taboo-busters” are also seeking the adulation of–or at least acceptance by–the fusty, hidebound majority on campuses, in Lefty-Islamist corridors, and at the UN who, for various reasons, despise Israel and would like to see it disappear.

Hope it works out for you, taboo-dude, but I wouldn’t count on it.

One NP reader nails it:

There are always a certain number of deluded Jews who join the deluded leftist liberals condemning Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Of course regarding Gaza, from which more than 600 rockets have been fired into Israel this year, one wonders what kind of treatment they think would be appropriate. If someone fired 600 rockets at you, would you consider them a potential peace partner?

In the West Bank, one wonders how Palestinians, who depend on Israel for work, electric power and even financial aide can also not recognize the state and have a charter promising to destroy Israel. If you were Israeli, would you consider that a friendly gesture?

A recent pole showed that Israelis do not want to live with Palestinians. A poll of a few months previous showed that Palestinians do not want to live with Israelis and the few that want the 2-state solution see it as a temporary step toward the 1-state solution–their state.

There is very little chance that in the next decade people’s attitudes will change. But perhaps steps like eliminating the demonization of Israelis in Palestinian text books, accepting Palestinian-Israeli joint projects, making some agreements about water and land and most of all recognizing the state of Israel would help. In other words, a few friendly gestures. These are entirely lacking. If ever a people look like the enemy, it is the Palestinians–and who treats their enemies well?

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  1. Being obsequious will get you no where and gain you nothing you idealist fool. You are nothing but, a pawn to be rolled out to show to the world that the left and and the Pali’s are so morally correct that, look even a Jew can see it.

    Behind your back they will mock you for your treachery and when your uselessness is no longer needed for their cause they will destroy you.

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