The Mohammedan Obsession with the Jews


Turkish schoolbooks denounce Darwin, Einstein as ‘Jews’ (Pamela Geller)

Remember, this is Obama’s favorite and most trusted nation:

Turkish schoolbooks denounce Darwin, Einstein as ‘Jews’  Jerusalem Post

Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama loves Erdoklown.

Iran blames Israel for Beirut car bombing

Of course! They probably used the Zionist squirrels and Zionist pigeons for this job.

“Jews behind every catastrophe on earth!”

The Pope a Jew?

“Jews killed Hitler?”

A bunch of  ‘Flotilla’ tossers failed to breach the blockade

Commandoes board ship carrying pro-Palestinian activists – including three Israelis – seeking to breach Israel blockade on Hamas-ruled territory; no violence reported. No humanitarian aid supplies found aboard ship, IDF says

Jihad, jihad, jihad:

You don’t want to be ‘saved’ by these people:

“Blessed Terror”

There are other crazies too:

Richard Millett: Former BBC Middle East correspondent Tim Llewellyn: “Zionists are scattered at strategic points throughout British business”.

“Zionist Outed”

Belgium’s local elections cause ‘anti-Semitic flood’

On Oct. 8 Belgian Health Minister Laurette Onkelinx complained to police about a pamphlet naming Yves Goldstein, a Jewish member of her party who contended for a seat on the city council of Schaarbeek, an “enemy of Islam.” The Turkish-language pamphlet called him “an active Zionist and an enemy of Islam,” Onkelinx said at a news conference.

Terror attack against Israeli targets said thwarted in Cyprus

Cypriot newspaper reports security forces seized 100 grams of explosives in resort town

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi joins preacher in prayer for destruction of the Jews

But don’t be concerned. At least he didn’t call them “savages.” Savagery in Egypt: “Egyptian President Morsi Joins Preacher in Prayer for Destruction and Dispersal of the Jews,” from MEMRI, October 19:

Following are excerpts from a sermon delivered by Egyptian cleric Futouh Abd Al-Nabi Mansour, Head of Religious Endowment, Matrouh governorate, in the presence of Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi. The sermon aired on Egyptian Channel 1 on October 19, 2012.Futouh Abd Al-Nabi Mansour: […] Oh Allah, absolve us of our sins, strengthen us, and grant us victory over the infidels. Oh Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, disperse them, rend them asunder. Oh Allah, demonstrate Your might and greatness upon them. Show us Your omnipotence, oh Lord….

Al-Sadr: “The Jews are the most hostile to those who believe the text of the Qur’an”

In this Arabic-language report, al-Sadr says: “اليهود هم أشد الناس عداوة للذين آمنوا بنص القرآن” — “The Jews are the most hostile to those who believe the text of the Qur’an.” This is from Qur’an 5:82: ” Thou wilt surely find the most hostile of men to the believers are the Jews…”

He thus grounds his opposition to Egypt’s reopening of its embassy in Israel in Islamic theology. For al-Sadr and other Islamic supremacists, the Israel/”Palestinian” conflict is not a dispute over land that can be resolved by negotiations; it is an eschatological struggle with the those whom Allah has designated as the foremost enemies of the believers. Western analysts refuse to understand this or consider its implications, and so continue to misdiagnose the problem and suggest remedies that will not heal the patient.

“‘Reopening Egypt’s embassy in Israel disgrace to Islamists: Moqtada al- Sadr,” fromAl-Arabiya, October 20 (thanks to JW):

The Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr urged the Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi not to reopen the Egyptian embassy in Israel, considering the move as disgraceful to Egypt as well as to Islamists.In a statement issued on Saturday, Sadr advised Mursi to “refrain from reopening the Egyptian embassy in Israel” adding that “one can never trust Israel, neither by good words or by politics.”

He said opening an embassy in the Jewish state “will harm Egypt and the reputation of the Islamists in the same time.”

While there is no specific timing of Sadr’s statement but Mursi’s letter to his “great friend,” the Israeli President Shimon Perez, dated on July 19th, made headlines in the Arab press.

Mursi’s letter, which was published recently by Israeli media and reproduced by Egyptian media, was about the appointment of the ambassador Atef Salem Al-Ahl, as Egypt’s ambassador extraordinary to Israel.

Egypt’s new ambassador to Israel, who formally assumed his post on Wednesday, said his country’s new Islamist government remains committed to peace with the Jewish state, The Associated Press reported.

Israel and Egypt signed a historic peace agreement in 1979 that has since been the bedrock of relations between the countries, but ties have grown tense since longtime Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak – a steadfast supporter of the treaty – was ousted in a popular uprising last year and Mursi was elected his successor in June.

Presenting his credentials Wednesday, Ahl told Israeli President Shimon Peres that Egypt is “committed to all the agreements we signed with Israel and we are also committed to the peace treaty with Israel.”

Jordan’s new ambassador to Israel, Walid Obeidat, also on Wednesday officially took up his post, which had been vacant for two years despite diplomatic relations between the countries since 1994.

Egypt and Jordan are the only two Arab countries to have peace treaties with Israel. The agreements are widely unpopular in both Arab countries because of Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians. A large part of the Jordanian population is of Palestinian origin….