This is the worst and least trustworthy government in Australian history.

The latest on Wilders:

Wilders finally let in. Too late

Bowen gets to have his cake and eat it. He hasn’t banned Wilders, but I am told his delaying of the visa has forced Wilders to postpone his trip – at least until February.

“Australia is robust enough to withstand his strong anti-Islamist views “– Really? 

So what have we learned from this? 

Wilders already needs permanent protection. We all know that.  From whom? And if free speech is met with violence, is it proper for a government to simply ban the speaker?

It’s sickening what these criminal Labor stooges  are doing to political discourse and social cohesion, and and to our reputation overseas..  We are told to just ignore the Islamic invasion, racial & religious hatred , Kristallnacht against Jewish businesses, rewriting of  history, class war, the vilifying of miners on whom our economy depends, and arbitrary taxation in this country.  Add to this the persistent  attempts to censor freedom of speech and freedom of media, and you know we’re heading down the sinkhole.

A boiling, fetid swap of shameless hypocrites:

Hypocrites. Just hypocrites

Tell me who the “bully boys and whingers” are!

Bob Carr, prize hypocrite

Bob Carr isn’t a hypocrite is he? So surely he’ll apologise for these comments by his long-time speechwriter, and resolve never to use him again:

Alan Jones this morning on the politically driven pack-attack attempt to silence him(listen here):

“Those people who have complained about what I said about the prime minister and the language I used are using vile language in their comments about me. That apparently is OK.

“I don’t mind, I can cop it, I can wear it and I’m not complaining.

“But if the criticism and the pressure and the headlines and the stories and the intimidation are designed to silence me in what I do on this program, then I’m sorry the bad news is you’ve picked the wrong bloke.”

He knows how to dish it out and he knows how to take a blow. Alan is true blue!

But hey, what could be more important than what a radio jock has to say about a disgraceful government?  Conflict between China and Japan are small beer compared to what Alan Jones said about Julia Gillard….