Tommy Robinson, Prisoner of Allah

This. is. revolting.

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna, who calls it ‘Durance Vile’

Free Tommy!

A source close to EDL leader Tommy Robinson just sent the following message about the conditions under which Tommy is being held in Wandsworth Prison:

Kev Carroll has asked me to release the following info to you regarding Tommy.

1. He is still in the same clothes he went to prison in.
2. They are refusing to allow him clean/fresh clothes — family members took clothing in, but they would not allow it to be handed over.
3. He has received no mail or money from anyone and he knows his wife gave in a Postal Order for a large amount whilst visiting.


Whatever happened to Free Speech?

4 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson, Prisoner of Allah”

  1. Whether or not you support the EDL, the politicians are abusing the law in holding this person under the conditions that they appear to be enforcing. If you want to stop this rot you need to point out to the government that the buck stops with them, and that they get to spend a long time in jail if they continue to abuse their citizens in the manner that they have demonstrated with Mr. Robinson. It is notable that islamic thugs are not contained by your rather inept police, but this is more of a refection on the lack of political leadership that the current government seem to be displaying, rather than your demoralised police force.

  2. I would also check for the presence of muslims and their ilk who may be staffing Wandsworth – it is very likely that they may
    have stolen the funds provided by the man’s wife.

  3. This will back fire and only entrench people against Islam.

    As it proves exactly the bias of the British government that favors Muslims and Muslim based hated speech, but shuts down and (falsely) imprisons the Indigenous British for objecting to a hostile and violent immigrant group.

  4. Political prisoner? Where’s Amnesty International? Ha ha, ironic joke- too busy promoting Islam and covering for it’s countless atrocities and abuses of (real) human rights -not those pretend ones the motards are always banging on about.

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