UN calls for "action" to end Myanmar violence

UN calls for action to end Myanmar violence (on behalf of the OIC, of course) The Bengali ‘migrants’ in Burma have renamed themselves “Rohingyas”. Like the Fakestinians, these Muslim invaders claim they have lived in Rakhine since the beginning of time.

UN World body says more than 22,000 people have been displaced after a flare-up in fighting between Muslims and Buddhists.  (Al Jizz)

Pay attention to when the PM Sheik Hasina speaks: she says “Bangladesh is already an overpopulated country, we cannot bear this burden…”   –which simply confirms that Muslims breed out of control and when a country is totally ruined, they  invade  other countries. We see the same pattern around the world, especially in the areas bordering  Bangladesh, where  Bangla Muslims have invaded Assam, Buthan and greater India.

And everywhere they create the same problems: riots, terror and jihad in the name of allah.

The UN has called for “urgent action” to prevent the spread of intercommunal violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, after recent clashes killed dozens of people and left thousands homeless.

The organisation said a team lead by Ashok Nigam, its Resident and Humanitarian Co-ordinator, had visited the state and seen “large scale destruction of houses”.

The government estimates that more than 22,500 people have been displaced from their homes in the last week and more than 4,600 houses have been burnt.

Security forces have been deployed to areas where clashes between ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Muslim Rohingya erupted on October 21.

Tensions have been running high in Rakhine state after Muslims were blamed for the rape and murder of a Buddhist woman in June, setting off deadly clashes that displaced tens of thousands of people.

“I am gravely concerned by the fear and mistrust that I saw in the eyes of the displaced people in both communities,” Nigam said in a statement.

“It is critically important that the government ensures that the rule of law prevails, prevents any further spreading of this violence and continues to communicate strong messages of harmony.”

‘Set fire to homes’

The total number of displaced is now estimated to be about 100,000, with most of them living in camps around Sittwe, the state capital.

“The Rakhines came to attack us with knives. They set fire to our homes, even though we have nothing there for them. I left in only the clothes I am wearing,” a 63-year-old woman in one of the camps said.

“I can’t go back.”

Buddhist Rakhine in Kyaukpyu gave a different account when contacted by the Reuters news agency.

He said Rakhines and Muslims had fought each other with knives, swords, sticks and slingshots. Overwhelmed, the Muslims then “set fire to their own houses as a last resort and ran away,” he said.

Many of those affected by the clashes belong to the Muslim Rohingya minority, which has long complained of discrimination.

The estimated 800,000 stateless Rohingya are seen as illegal immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh by the government and many Burmese, who call them “Bengalis”.

But other Muslims in Rakhine state have also been swept up in the latest violence.

Near the camps in Sittwe, some of the displaced people said they were Kaman, a Muslim minority recognised as one of Myanmar’s more than 130 ethnic groups.

“My father is Muslim and my mother is Buddhist … They attacked us by defining us as ‘Rohingya,’ Aye Kyaw, a Kaman who fled the unrest in Kyaukpyu, told the AFP news agency.

“We are not Rohingya. We did not migrate from other countries.”

The 30-year-old, who said his community had lived in Rakhine for centuries, said the Rakhine had “tortured us cruelly” and appealed for protection.


The easing of economic sanctions against Myanmar has had no clear effect for the nation’s poor.

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  1. The so-called “Rohingyas” look like Bangladeshis, speak a dialect of Bengali and are Muslims like the majority of Bangladeshis. This is nothing short of a land grab by neighbouring Bangladesh with the help of the UN(Useless Nothing) ala Kosovo.

  2. If you are acting so badly that you can get BHUDDISTS to retaliate violently, you are obviously the provocateurs, not the victims. I have not owned a firearm since 1982. I now have 2 pistols, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle. My 85 year old parents need some defense. When Allah knocks on the door, I have a positive response.

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