Vicious Attacks on Geert Wilders by Oz Libtard Media

The far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders is being sponsored to visit Australia by a little known group called the Q Society, a group formed to stop what it describes as the ‘Islamisation of Australia’.

The ape & the tart are painting a picture of a bogeyman: Wilders is “far right”, “controversial”, “anti-Islam” (imagine that!) and has attracted ‘harsh criticism for his outspokenness about the religion”….”Wilders hates Islam”- (who doesn’t?) and so on….
Since I never watch ‘SUNRISE’ I don’t know who the TV- tarts are, but viewers who are familiar with these two dimbulbs should write in and make their displeasure known. These shriekers incite hatred against Geert Wilders, who lives under 24/7 protection in undisclosed locationville for 8 years already. Contrary to the journaille Geert Wilders is familiar with Islamic teachings and doctrine. The two gigglers from SUNRISE must have been living under rocks ever since 9/11, because their ignorance is embarrassing for all Australians.

Greens Senator Richard di Natale is an outspoken critic of Geert Wilders and says his views are hateful and divisive, and will be rejected by most Australians.

Greens kool aid slurper di Natale doesn’t speak for “most Australians”. He speaks for a fringe group  of commies under false flag which  is likely to be voted out of business at the next election. Kudos for Andrew Horwood from The Q Society for keeping his cool under attack from the blabbering media dolts.


On suspending immigration from Muslim majority nations

By Bryan Fischer/ source

Andy McCarthy and others have strongly suggested that we must suspend the practice of allowing Muslims from Muslim-majority nations around the world to immigrate to the United States. I agree with them.

The reason is very simple: it’s necessary for our national security and indeed may be necessary for our very survival.

A case in point, as Robert Spencer points out in FrontPage magazine: Quazi Mohammad Rexwanul Ahsan Nafis, arrested this week for trying to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. He was here on a student visa from Bangladesh, which is about 90% Muslim.

This Muslim came to the United States not to study but to kill. His stated purpose: “I don’t want something that’s like, small. I just want something big. Something very big … that will shake the whole country, that will make America, not one step ahead, change of policy, and make one step ahead, for the Muslims … that will make us one step closer to run the whole world.” In his own words, he wanted to “destroy America.” And we invited him in!

Here’s the problem. Nobody who knew him could see this coming. In fact, they were all shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that he was capable of such evil. Said his father: “He is very gentle and devoted to his studies.”

He’s far from the only one. Kifah Jayyousi was charged with “conspiring to kidnap, maim and murder” on behalf of Islam in Bosnia, Kosovo and Chechnya. But the superintendent of Detroit Public Schools said he was “a great guy, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

Even Americans who convert to Islam can fool you, which means we have enough problems with jihadism internally that it is foolish in the extreme to import more.

Muslim convert Christopher Paul was charged with “providing material support to terrorists, conspiracy to provide support to terrorists and conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction.” Here’s what one of his Muslim friends from CAIR said: “From the things I know, he is a loving husband and he has a wife and parents in town. They are a good family together.”

Muslim convert John Walker Lindh was captured in Afghanistan fighting against American troops. Not to worry, said his father. “In simple terms, this is the story of a decent and honorable young man embarked on a spiritual quest.”

All of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s neighbors thought he was a terrific guy, right up until the day he started shooting up Ft. Hood in the name of Allah. The supervisor of clinical services at Ft. Hood said Hasan provided excellent care to his patients. “You wouldn’t think that someone who works in your facility and provided excellent care for his patients, which he did, could do something like this.”

Praising his work ethic, she added, “In my personal interactions, there was never any indication he would do something like this.” According to the NBC affiliate in Dallas-Ft. Worth, “To neighbors, Hasan was described as a generous man and a good neighbor.”

Spencer quotes the Nazi genocidal maniac Heinrich Himmler, speaking to his fellow SS leaders: “Most of you know what it means to see a hundred corpses lying together, five hundred, or a thousand. To have gone through this and yet — apart from a few exceptions, examples of human weakness — to have remained decent fellows, this is what has made us hard…”

The fact that someone may be a “decent fellow” from all appearances should not make us blind to the dark, dangerous and violent spirit of Islam that may be lurking in the heart of people who appear harmless to a naive and unsuspecting people.

Spencer says this in his closing paragraph: “Today’s jihad terrorists are likewise the adherents of a totalitarian, genocidal ideology that teaches them that murders committed under certain circumstances are a good thing. And those murders, here again, are not committed for their own sake, but for the sake of a societal vision hardly less draconian and evil than that of Adolf Hitler.”

While it is true that there are moderate Muslims, there is no such thing as moderate Islam. And while there are moderate Muslims, no one has yet developed a error-free way to tell the difference between the Muslims we have to worry about and the ones we don’t.

Until that day comes, we must be cautious about them all.

5 thoughts on “Vicious Attacks on Geert Wilders by Oz Libtard Media”

  1. The amusing thing is that Wilders has NEVER espoused violence. I would like people to contact Di Natale and ask him to provide examples of where Wilders has explicitly advocated violence against others. If he cannot, then perhaps we should sue the b. for lying to the Australian public. More importantly, it means also that Di Natale has probably never read anything that Wilders has written – if this is true then who is informing him – I suspect that many of the poor decisions made by our politicians are due to advice handed to them by left wing advisors and RoP rats (there is little difference between the two). Actually the level of knowledge displayed by the two jounalists is less than adequate.

  2. Channel 7 is occupied by dim witted simpletons living in fantasy land. They piss me off because they are constantly repeating ‘opinion’ rather than fact.
    My wife gets a regular dose of propaganda every morning, its just rubbish and fluff, I wish she would not watch it.

  3. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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