74% of French say Islam is ‘intolerant’

At which point they should not be debating, but actually do something. For starters, one could question whether a genocidal, totalitarian ideology should be allowed to continue operating in the guise of ‘religion’ at all. Quite encouraging when you consider how much dhimmitude is already enforced from the elitists in government. And yesterdays Curry Princess blog post also gives reason to believe that not all is lost, even in the UK.

Thanks to the Religion of Peace:

Islam: 74% of French say it’s an ‘intolerant’ religion

(ANSAmed) – ROME, JANUARY 24 – A new survey by Paris-based Ipsos research company on Thursday showed 74% of French respondents believe the Muslim religion is ”intolerant” and incompatible with their social values.

The survey, published on the Le Monde newspaper website, also showed eight out of 10 French people believe the Islamic religion tries to impose its views on others, 10% believe a majority of Muslims are fundamentalists, and another 44% believe a many but not all Muslims are fundamentalists. Most respondents did not know how to define fundamentalism, however.

The data varied across age groups and political affiliations, but represents a majority in each category of respondents

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  1. “74% of French say Islam is ‘intolerant’”

    These are the dhimmies. The other 26% are the Muslims/Islamists.

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