Erdogan offers Greece to build churches in Turkey

Err, not. Erdogan is of course ‘concernded’ that the ‘fast growing Muslim community’ in Greece doesn’t have a place to curse the kafirs, and so he offers to pay with money which he then claims from Germany, or something: 

Erdogan Offers To Build Mosque in Greece


With Greece’s Muslims fuming that the government hasn’t built them an official mosque as tension has been ramping up against immigrants, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reportedly told his Greek counterpart Antonis Samaras that Turkey will bear the cost.

(Never knew that it was the obligation of the Greek government to build Mosques for Mohammedan illegals.)

Samaras, who met with Erdogan in Qatar during the Greek leader’s visit to the country to lure investment,  said the project has been approved by the Greek Parliament, the site reported.

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras (L) with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Antonis Samaras working hard to turn Greece into a Turkish satellite statelet. Eventually, Greece will be renamed Former Republic of the Ottoman Empire.

“We told them it’s not necessary for you to build it if you give us the construction license, we can do it ourselves as long as there is a place for prayer for Muslims who go to Athens,” Erdogan said. The two leaders were staying at the same hotel and also discussed Samaras’ planned visit to Turkey in March.

The meeting lasted 40 minutes and besides the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu there was also the manager of the diplomatic office of the Greek Prime Minister Stavros Vassilopoulos present

“I told him that Turkey could cover the costs of a mosque in Athens if necessary permissions are granted. And Mr. Samaras showed a positive attitude and said the Greek parliament had approved such a plan. We have reached to a mutual agreement that these issues can be solved through good will,” Erdogan told reporters.

Muslims in Greece and Athens have to resort to makeshift mosques for prayers and there are an estimated 300,000 of them in the capital city.  Asked whether the issue of the Halki (Heybeliada) Seminary in Istanbul could be handled the same way, Erdogan said, “Why not, that’s possible.”

Also discussed was Greece’s lagging privatization program which is under intense pressure from the country’s lenders to be accelerated, one of the reasons Samaras was in Qatar. Erdogan told Samaras, “I overcame the crisis with privatizations,” referring to his country’s economic difficulties.

Turkish TV media also said that Erdogan was going to raise to Samaras the issue of  the Turkish minority in Thrace and a law about religious teachers and would ask for it to be withdrawn. The Turkish news agency Anadolu said that during their meeting, Erdogan gave advice to Samaras about freedom of worship, although Christianity has often been under assault in Turkey. Erdogan also talked about charitable institutions of  Turks in western Thrace.

Ankara. The Turkish government is trying to push for a continuation of the EU accession negotiations and threatens with a reorientation of the country to the east. Erdogan asked the Russian President Vladimir Putin to the inclusion of his country in the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization” as the “Shanghai Five” officially called, said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan  in a television interview.
“In that case we say goodbye to the EU,” he added. (Don’t make us cry, Erdogan! Continued on

5 thoughts on “Erdogan offers Greece to build churches in Turkey”

  1. There are already lots of mosques on Greek soil – in Constantinople, Smyrna and Adrianople for example.

  2. @Tom Billesley,

    Well said.

    I could see the Greeks taking the money and not putting it towards a mosque.

    It would be seen as paid blood money for the past and Cypress.

  3. @Sheik,

    Many Greeks have not forgotten or forgive the Germans for the war, albeit quite a few are content to live in Germany. As you know, it is just the hate for the Turks runs longer and deeper. Rightfully so.

    However, in defense of the common Greeks, it was the avarice and greed at the ministerial level, that stole the money coming in via the EU.

    The Greeks were not sunk by debt. But by corruption.

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