The Fascist State of Sweden

In Sweden, any kind of opposition to the ruling establishment, any objection to the Muslim invasion, Muslim crime, rape and missionary zeal makes you a “fascist”. Ironically, the leftist establishment never seems to look in a mirror to see the fuggly face of fascism.

Pat Condell nails it like no one else can:

How about enforcing a ‘One Child Policy’ for Muslims worldwide?

‘Limit Muslims’ birth rate’: Sweden Democrat

At last a constructive idea to contain the cancer:

An outspoken local Sweden Democrat politician who previously argued “negro” is not a racist term, has generated headlines again by calling for a law to cap the fertility rate of Muslims around the world.

 Annika Rydh, municipal party secretary in Älmhult, southern Sweden, blogs about her work and often links to Islam-critical articles.  Recently, she linked to a film entitled “Muslim Demographics” that claims Muslims are trying to take over the world one baby at a time.

“It’s a global problem,” Rydh wrote on her blog, according to anti-fascism magazine Expo.  “We can’t tackle this locally. The international community needs to act by having some kind of restriction, like the one-child policy in China.”

Confronting the New Fascism in Sweden

  by Baron Bodissey (GoV)

During the second half of the 20th century, many terms coined by psychologists were picked up by the general public and developed currency in popular discourse. One of the most frequently used is the word “projection”. It is now commonly understood to mean “unconsciously ascribing to others negative characteristics which you yourself possess”.

Never has the power of projection been more evident than in the political culture of Sweden. From an outsider’s perspective, Sweden displays all the attributes of a fascist state: only one political point of view is considered acceptable, and any dissent against it is vigorously punished, by both official and unofficial means. Those who oppose the reigning ideology may lose their jobs or be prosecuted. They are vilified and scapegoated in the (largely state-owned) media to the point where compliant Swedish drones are made to understand that all dissidents are fair game, and deserve anything bad that happens to them.

Useful idiots in cahoots with fast breeding Muselmanic  invaders.

Wearing a yarmulke is no longer safe in the city of Malmö. The mayor blames the Jews, while other Swedish politicians point to ‘social inequality.’  Sweden’s ‘Damn Jew’ Problem

Now, that sounds like fascism to me. But the Swedish media reserve the term for Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats, SD), the only significant political party that opposes mass immigration and challenges the reigning Multicultural ideology. For such blatant heresies they are denounced in the press, beaten up by gangs of “anti-fascists” in the street, and have their homes and cars vandalized. Known supporters of SD may lose their jobs or pensions.

Yet all of this is acceptable, you see, and even commendable, because the Sweden Democrats are fascists. As you will learn from the article below, this “fact” has been proven by scientific research, so we know it must be true.

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Before presenting the translated article, some background is necessary. A scandal surrounding Sverigedemokraterna arose last fall, when an incident that occurred more than two years previously came to light through the release of a video to the press.

In the summer of 2010, Kent Ekeroth and Erik Almqvist — both later elected to the Swedish parliament for Sverigedemokraterna — became involved in an early morning brawl in the city of Stockholm. In a movie clip filmed with a mobile phone, Erik Almqvist was heard to shout abuse at a 21-year-old woman, and used the derogative word babbe about the immigrant comedian Soran Ismail.

Later in the video, the two politicians were seen picking up iron rods for their defense, an incident that caused a major Twitter campaign and media uproar in Sweden. After this incident Islam-critical blogs became known as “iron rod blogs” in Sweden.

As a consequence of the affair, Erik Almqvist resigned his seat in the Swedish parliament, while Kent Ekeroth resigned from his positions in the parliament, but retained his seat.

This incident, which was immediately seized on by the media powers-that-be as a welcome “gotcha” moment concerning SD, is what is referred to in the article below (which was published last November) as “yesterday’s events”.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent SkÃ¥nska for translating this piece from Dagens Nyheter. SkÃ¥nska’s commentary and explanations have been placed in square brackets:

“The Sweden Democrats are a fascist party”
by Henrik Arnstad

15 November 2012

Problematic terminology. A new fascism celebrates triumphs in Europe. This applies not least to the Sweden Democrats, who advance in a country where fascism has up until now been weak. Today’s confusion of concepts must end and it is time to name SD properly in the public discourse, writes historian and journalist Henrik Arnstad.

The Sweden Democrats (SD) are gaining even more sympathizers, and thus it is time for Sweden to leave the widespread ignorance of fascism behind. Sweden — as well as all of Europe — needs to confront the presence of an ideology that has the potential to dominate the 21st century.

The core of the fascist ideology is nationalism. A popular ultra-nationalism, with the aim of saving the nation from decay and degeneration with national rebirth as a real political objective.

First, however, the cancer tumor on the nation’s body must be fought. For Hitler, it was about the Jews and the solution was the Holocaust. [Typical Swedish academic nonsense: the definition ofdie Judenfrage and die Endlösung were not synchronous; they were more than six years apart, partly during wartime.Auswanderung came first, even to Madagascar!]

For SD, it is about Islam, which has to be cleared away – if nothing else, by means of genocide.

If we are to understand SD, it is of the utmost importance that we realize the optimism in this. Today fascism is Sweden’s only political movement that is confident of the future. For the voters, SD paint in beautiful colors an ethnically cleansed, mythical and revitalized nationalist Sweden. Compare, for example, the Social Democrats’ pessimistic nostalgia. Therefore fascism is advancing in the polls.

Today we live in a Europe where a new fascist politics celebrates triumphs. This applies not least to SD, advancing in a country where previously fascism was weak. This new politics is called by international research “neo-fascism”, and is the result of an intellectual work which began in France in the years after 1968.

Under the intellectual leadership of the philosopher Alain de Benoist the movement Nouvelle Droite (the New Right) formulated the future of fascism — it was about building a new political brand after Adolf Hitler, after World War II and Auschwitz-Birkenau. The fight for one’s own “biological race” was condemned, not least because science left racial biology behind.

Instead the new fascism was formulated: