Cadbury Easter Eggs: “Halal”


Vlad Tepes:

Just for fun, acting on a comment left at another post, I decided to check to see what Kosher products and halal products Cadbury offers.

Below, the list of kosher items:

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Heaps of Cadbury Easter and Chrismas products are HALAL certified! Halal is a requirement of Islamic SHARIA Law – so as you celebrate your pagan and Christian festivals you are also funding the advancement of Sharia Law in Australia!

Cadbury Goes Halal

Posted: 29 Mar 2013

Kraft now certifies its Cadbury products to be halal. This means that the candy is certified to be manufactured according to Islamic dietary standards. This is one more way products that conform to Sharia law are inserted into our stores. All the lamb from Australia and New Zealand sold in Costco stores is halal. It is a stealthy compliance with Sharia law.

Sharia law’s prime directive is that Islamic norms dominate all other cultures. Sharia law aims to be the sole law governing all human beings on earth.

Below is a list of the products, directly from Cadbury’s web page, that comply with Sharia’s halal practice.

Halal Products at Cadbury

Orthodox Muslims don’t even recognize Easter or Christmas. If you buy Cadbury products, you will be supporting the creeping insertion of Sharia law. Islam is a ratchet. It only goes one way.

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17 thoughts on “Cadbury Easter Eggs: “Halal””

    1. The EU, as much as I hate what they have done to Europe, determined some years ago that Cadbury chocolate didn’t have enough cocoa content to be sold as chocolate. Not sure if they lifted their game since then, but there is stiff competition on the continent, with excellent Swiss, German, Belgian and Italian products taking most of the market share. Unfortunately we don’t have that kind of choice here, so Cadbury can sell sugar coated cardboard, as long as it is ‘halal’.

  1. Go with Lindt orange intense moved to it to get away from halal, halal not mentioned on the ingredients hope that is true or else running out of chocolate options

  2. Never really enjoyed chocolate at Easter now…to b sure there is someone were all expecting to show up…

  3. That stuff costs too much anyway. We just boil some actual eggs, from actual hens, and dye them red. Much better for you.

    1. Sadly, Paul Sheehan gets it wrong:

      “Halal certification has long been an accepted practice similar to the labelling of food as kosher for Jewish consumers.”

      He needs to understand that there is a fundamental difference: the Jewish community certifies kosher for their own consumption, whereas the soldiers of allah impose the protection racket on all of us.

      Its the same for the Beth Din courts; its mediation between two parties that agree to use a rabbinical court, which is very different from imposing the sharia, which supposedly applies to all and everyone.

  4. I have no problem eating kosher food, knowingly or otherwise, as it has not been sacrificed to a strange god, and is not part of a protection racket.

    Tastes good, also 🙂

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