Australia: Army Reserve Intelligence Officer Charged For Discussing Islam


Sharia Enforcement Downunder:

Those who remember the appalling, disgraceful treatment of Geert Wilders will not be surprised over this outrageous treatment of  an Army Reserve Intelligence Officer who sees it as his patriotic duty to protect his country from Islamic invasion and jihad.

Terrorism comments got me charged: Gaynor

Bisbane Times/  Bridie Jabour

Former Katter Australian Party senate candidate Bernard Gaynor claims he has been charged by the Australian Defence Force over comments he made about Muslim immigration and terrorism.

Major (Captain in this photograph) Bernard Gaynor – deployed 3 times to Iraq and once to Afghanistan in our name. 

 Here’s his interview with Michael Smith:

Mr Gaynor, an Army Reserve Intelligence Officer, has posted a series of blogs arguing Islam immigration should be limited and in the wake of the Boston bombings re-aired his views.

He said he was charged on Monday by the ADF for bringing the organisation into disrepute and responded by saying it was proof political correctness was hampering the ADF’s ability to fight against Islamic violence.

“It is outrageous that the Australian Defence Force is charging me for discussing Islam,” he said in a statement.

“In the last week, ASIO has confirmed hundreds of Muslim Australians are joining violent Islamic groups in Syria and a radical Australian Islamic cleric has been linked to the Boston bombers.

“Yet the Australian Defence Force is sending a message that intelligence officers cannot discuss Islam in any way, shape or form, unless they pass judgment that it is a nice, peaceful religion.

“How the hell are you supposed to have an objective view of Islam if you are not allowed to examine links between Islamic beliefs and terrorist activity?”

The ADF have been approached for comment.

His latest blog about limiting Muslim immigration is titled “ASIO concern highlights need for immigration debate” and was posted in the wake of the Boston bombings.

“As I’ve written a number of times before, Australians urgently need to debate the pros and cons of continued Islamic immigration,” he wrote in the post.

“News that ASIO is concerned that hundreds of Muslim Australians have gone to Syria to fight with radical Islamist groups highlights that this debate must be had.

“In my opinion, it is easier to keep the chilli powder in the can than trying to pick it out of the flour once it is dropped in.”

Mr Gaynor said there was a logical inconsistency between fighting a war against people who espouse violent Islamic beliefs in Afghanistan while having an immigration policy which allows Muslims to settle in Australia.

In a series of statements posted to Twitter last week Mr Gaynor said “There is no doubt that Islam drives some to commit violent atrocities”.

Mr Gaynor said he has also been charged with bringing the ADF into disrepute because he criticised ADF officers marching in this year’s Mardi Gras.

Mr Gaynor had his KAP senate candidacy suspended in January after saying he would not allow gay teachers to teach his children.

He then quit the party because it refused to oppose abortion, instead choosing to have no official policy on the issues.

Mr Gaynor said he would defend the ADF charges.

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8 thoughts on “Australia: Army Reserve Intelligence Officer Charged For Discussing Islam”

  1. Australian’s refusing to take Mr. Gaynor’s message to heart had better wake up and think twice about doing what the United States has and is doing by following England, France, Germany, Spain, and the Scandinavian countries in their policy’s of being pro Islam. The Muslim enclave of Muslim’s will be like a plague never before experienced by Australia. Australia had better be thinking about the future of Australia rather then the present demise and destruction of its culture as is with the acceptance of Islam. Islam is training somebody to kill you and they, the Australian’s, like the United States are too stupid to notice it.

  2. I’m glad I live in the U.S. and still have Internet freedom. All of Australia needs to see this cool new video explaining how jihadi terror comes straight from the Quran, and how Muslim apologists try to twist the verses to cover it up, including Pres. Obama himself:

  3. Political correctness = factual incorrectness (lying; fraud – under the slanderous pretense that other people’s group might makes right extortion will force one to lie to the public anyway, so why not?)!

    In national security contexts, such wilful fraud is treason.


    To anyone who has the nerve to look and read about it for themself, it’s obvious that islam is a crime-syndicate, not a religion.

    It only invokes the idea of one single god, as their one, single excuse for all their many crimes. This god is clearly defined as being both unknown and unknowable. The only way its’ desires for humanity can ever be known, its rule-book claims, is through the clear instructions set therein by this one god’s one and only final messenger, Muhammad.

    And Muhammad’s book commands all his moslem “believers” to wage perpetual war on all the non, (or “un”-) believers in the world, until the only “religion” (and, since its micro-managing rules give explicit, “god-given” commandments in regard to food preparation, dress codes, etc, their definition of “religion” clearly also means the entire “culture”) remaining on earth is allah’s islam.

    Further, this “perpetual war” against the “unbelievers” is NOT one of peaceful proselytizing conversion, because “allah” is clearly stated to have caused their unbelief itself, and so it is described as literally impossible to change the minds, or lead to see, those whose minds have been closed, and eyes blinded, to this “truth,” by allah itself.
    And how does Muhammad describe his allah? As a terrorist! (“I will cast terror!”) etc. And as a terrorist whose intention is to also have his followers terrorize those who don’t follow him, until they are even more more feared by his infidel enemies than allah is! And Muhammad exults in allah’s terrorist nature, revelling in how it has benefited him, personally: “I have been made victorious by terror!” In fact, to Muhammad, allah IS Terror; allah IS only Pain incarnate!
    And what are the prayers moslems are assigned to pray for so devoutly five times a day? They are told, in accordance with islam’s us-versus-them basics, to pray for their own success and for their enemies’ destruction and damnation; they are told to pray to remind allah to throw the infidels (Christians, Jews and pagans) into Hell to burn them forever!

    No, if and when moslems try to slanderously extort others into “reverting,” it is a practice only indulged in by allah as a relief to themselves, to spare the moslems from having to carry out their further, messy, “holy” rights and duties to personally murder all of us!

    Morality is doing what’s right regardless of what you’re told.
    Authority is doing what you’re told regardless of what’s right.

    Most legalists and police officers are authoritarians – those who pretend to believe there is no morality, so the only things which are immoral or unlawful are those which some legislator subjectively and very specifically made forbidden in law. Everything is allowed except that which is expressly forbidden.

    They therefore refuse to see that islam is crime, simply because they have already been told by their masters that it isn’t a crime, no matter what its symptoms might indicate.

    Political correctness = factual incorrectness (lying; fraud; theft of the Truth; CRIME).

    Deliberately maintaining the LIE that Jihad = “peaceful inner struggle,” against ALL the clear Qur’anic definitions and subsequent historical evidence to the contrary, is not only to wilfully engage in perpetuating the perpetration of the crime of public deception, but to act as a willing accessory enabling all the crimes of our self-determined moslem enemies.

    Any lawyer, judge, or politician who engages in such practices is a criminal and an outlaw, and so should be dealt with accordingly.
    Islam is only extortion, period. And extortion is always a crime.
    Furthermore, if any non-moslem is to believably assert in indulgence of their historical lies, that he or she agrees with the moslems’ claims that islam is a “religion,” (at all, much less one “of peace,”) then they must also supply valid reasons as to why they have chosen to believe in Muhammad’s most basic claims, that “God” has ordered him to order his followers to kill everyone not a member of his gang (like, for instance, the non-moslem now found to be endorsing his lies)!

    i.e: If islam is such a valid religion, why does God order you to be murdered by it’s moslem members?

    Do you really think that’s a valid way for one of God’s religions to behave?!

    Besides being a liberal, what do you think you have done to deserve the moslem god’s eternal scorn and hatred?

    Or, more generally,

    “Do you believe that islam is NOT a danger to non-moslems?” (and, if so: WHY not?)!

  4. What’s happened in Bali, London, Boston, Beslan etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. Will eventually happen here in Australia. Even though it pains me no end I have come to the conclusion you cannot be willfully ignorant to the fact that what we are dealing with are barbarians and wherever they go death and destruction follows.

    Especially in the outer Sth Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and Bankstown/Lakemba NSW the demographics in these areas are changing at an alarmingly high rate and these places will be the marking point for the future (Kosovos). People say to me that won’t happen, I happily remind them of what’s happening in Europe right now and if it can happen there it’s coming here.

  5. @ben,

    We are not done. We are simply bogged down by the twin absurdities of multicultural naivete and someone else’s need for (colonial) atonement that have been forced upon the rest of us.

    We the people in the West, were not asked if we wanted to be a part of someone else’s emotional need for contrition. Nor were we consulted. There was no public debate or discourse only a disdain by the elite MSM and politicians towards our objections who have the privileged of not having to live with the choices they made for us to appease their own ideology that is literally dangerous for the rest of us.

    But alas, political winds change and for every act that occurs on Western soil awaken a sleeping giants that once awaken will not be contained or swept away by the false deflection of racism or a weak political class’s peccability and cowardice.

  6. Why is that Feiz Mohammed can call for somebodies death and the cops won’t even look at him but we “discuss” pislam and we are charged, sacked and labelled as racists. (i would like to know since when was islam a race)
    This is just so wrong, for every person that has had this happen to them makes islams stance stronger! we need to stand up and turn the tables around or we will lose this country to pislam and the lefties.

  7. Infidel Brotherhood(Australia)
    Welcome to the day and age where true patriots are despised and hunted. Those who feel it’s their duty to protect and defend what they love the most will suffer the most.

    The reason why the Government and the powers that be won’t do anything, is because they’re gutless and scared.

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