Comedy gold: Boston bomber was angry that the world pictures Islam as a violent religion….

Tim Blair:

Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s former brother-in-law points to the Boston bomber’s possible motivation:

He was angry that the world pictures Islam as a violent religion.

Glad we’ve cleared up that little misconception. Meanwhile, speculation over the source of the killers’ bomb-making knowledge seems to have been accurate:

When Dzhokhar Tsarnaev spoke to investigators on Sunday, officials said, he indicated that he and his brother had learned to make the pressure-cooker bombs that they used at the marathon from Inspire, the online Al Qaeda magazine.   QUOTE OF THE WEEK

Sick  sick, awful stuff:

Boston Mustards deny fundamental teachings of Islam

“Islam is entirely against violence, preachers of our congregation make that very clear,” he emphasised. …    More disavowal of allah’s mandated terror-casting at News24

Mustards in Norway disagree:

Muselmaniacs  praise Boston jihadis

Leader of Prophet’s Ummah in Norway, Ubaydullah Hussain

“The Islamic group Prophet’s Ummah has repeatedly and publicly praised terrorist acts carried out abroad. Also the terrorist attack in Boston on Monday is hailed by the leader of the extreme Norwegian group. On his facebook page Ubaydullah Hussain writes, ‘To hell with Boston and the U.S., and may Allah destroy America.’
The leader of Prophet’s Ummah has also posted pictures of the terrorists on their profile and calls the brothers a pair of ‘real lions.'”  (Posted by Nicolai Sennels)

Anything but Islam.  But, can you speak Islamic?

“Al-Qaeda has been destroyed,” said one young man, talking in a café in the inner-city suburb of Alum Rock. “This is not an Islamic struggle,” he said. “It is a global struggle (jihad) against corruption, (anything un-Islamic)  imperialism   (infidel rule) and Zionism.” (the existence of Israel and Jews)  Alien Nation

Why don’t we just call it “Islam” like Muslims do….?  

“Islamic Fundamentalism,” “Islamic Extremism,” “Totalitarian Islam,” “Islamofascism,” “Political Islam,” “Militant Islam,” “Bin Ladenism,” “Islamonazism,” “Radical Islam,” “Islamism,” etc….More  at Right Side News

You guessed it, but now you know:

The Boston Herald reports:

Marathon bombings mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev was living on taxpayer-funded state welfare benefits even as he was delving deep into the world of radical anti-American Islamism …
State officials confirmed last night that Tsarnaev, slain in a raging gun battle with police last Friday, was receiving benefits along with his wife, Katherine Russell Tsarnaev, and their 3-year-old daughter.

Salam dragged through the mud by excremists?
By mud-wrestler Salam Al-Marayati, Wednesday, April 24

When I first heard of the Boston Marathon bombing, I was in shock and in disbelief. I was sick to my stomach reading the news of this tragedy, how families lost loved ones and innocent spectators lost limbs. I then called the FBI to speak with the counterterrorism chief and asked him if there was any information we could share with our community leaders in Boston and what they should do if they had seen anything suspicious leading up to the bombing. …   (Shame about the victims of the “extremists”)

Salam Al-Marayati is president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.  —More shock and disbelief at Washington Post


6 thoughts on “Comedy gold: Boston bomber was angry that the world pictures Islam as a violent religion….”

  1. Eye for an eye! Time for justice especially for the 3 whose lives were cut short but also not forgetting the ones who lost limbs.

    They’ve forfeited their rights to be treated as human beings.

  2. In the USA Canada, the EU and UK these pious followers of the teachings of the prophet have no problem living off of us the working fools, they insult the host nations, commit violent felonies, refuse to learn the host countries language, gain real employment, and are a permanent financial burden on the state. Insanity seems to prevail.

  3. @Big Frank

    No Frank, not insanity, but a very very clever formation of block voting or gerrymandering.


  4. I have finally learned the important distinction between “radical muslims” and “moderate muslims”.

    Radical muslims want to kill you.

    Moderate muslims want radical muslims to kill you.


    I hope this information will help all of learn to be more “tolerant”.

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