Wally, you ain’t “us!”

Don’t allow Wally to lecture us on “global terrorism”

Waleed Aly  is a lecturer at the global terrorism research centre at Monash University.

This is the kind of “counter terrorism” he lectures:

Reluctance to blame extremist Islam a sign of our ‘maturity’

Waleed Aly, the smiling face of Australian Islam, is an upbeat kind of guy,  because, as Waleed put it: “We’re finally maturing in the way we handle terrorism.”


According to Aly, it’s a sign of our increasing “maturity” that we now recognise terrorism as a “perpetual irritant, and that while it is tragic and emotionally lacerating, it kills relatively few people and is not any kind of existential threat”.

“Irritated” Kafirs

Wally & his cohorts are  the problem.

Three people were killed in Boston due to irritants. Another 14 will endure the perpetual irritation of losing one or more limbs. By last Friday, 57 remained in hospital suffering varying degrees of emotional laceration to their faces and bodies. Hey, this new mature talk is fun.

The world has been divided in two camps, and Wally is not in ours…..

Solution: fire slick Aly!

Make  sure that proper counter terrorism lecturers are  employed.

Stephen Coughlin would be the right man for this project:

A good time to repost some of Maj. (ret) Stephen Coughlin’s excellent material on jihad, its meaning and application  (Vlad Tepes)

While we are at it, a refresher on what is meant when muslims say they are defending the faith. This is critically important as its a central defense for islamic attacks on civilians and soft targets.

Back to Wally:

Terrorism Wally is a grotesque form of theatre. It He doesn’t exist without its his audience, which is instructed in dumbing down progressively. the public.why it is always public. The show is for us We don’t need his “show”.. The most futile terrorist attack is the one we fail to notice. We should ignore Wally and his taqiyya. So it is designed o seize our emotions; to make us incapable of ignoring it.  We ultimately decide whether or not it what  is effective. And generally we react wildly, mildly,  thereby rewarding the terrorists who have sought to provoke us.

There you go. Fixed it.

“Bush, the Terrorist”… very original, Wally, very original…..

10 thoughts on “Wally, you ain’t “us!””

  1. Terrorist Allah, 3:151 “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers”


    The prophet of Islam boasted, “… I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy, i.e. 8:12, 8:59 ‘unbelievers’)”
    — Ref. Sahih al-Bukhari 2977,

    Bukhari No. 267 – 269 ‘… The Prophet said, “War (i.e. jihad) is deceit.” ‘

    Sadist Allah, 10:4 “… But those who disbelieved will have a drink of scalding water and a painful punishment for what they used to deny”

  2. Lectures are public, aren’t they? No reason anyone can’t go…and mingle with Wally’s students after class.

  3. “Terrorism is a grotesque form of theatre. It doesn’t exist without its audience, which is why it’s always public. The show is for us. The most futile terrorist attack is the one we fail to notice.”

    a chilling statement from Waleed Aly the final sentence provides an insight in to what where we need to focus our attention.

    1. I don’t know who writes the playbook for them, but Wallies talking points are identical to those of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, who writes like a snake slithers.

      The idea that we should ‘learn to live with (Islamic) terrorism’ like a herd of sheep with the occasional wolf attack without getting all worked up over it is very Islamic. I think that goes back 1400 years, and we are told ‘just don’t do anything and you’ll be safe’, until its your turn.

      The system is so diabolical it makes your head spin.

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