‘Abrahamic’ Trash

Remember that next time when interfaith tossers throw  manure about the ‘three Abrahamic religions’ at you. Mohammedanism is not one of them. Here’s what devout Muslims do when they find remnants of “Abrahamism:’

Radical Wahhabis Bulldoze Shrine of Abraham in Ayn al-Arous, Syria (GWP)

Radical Wahhabi Muslims screaming “Allhu Akbar” bomb and bulldoze a historic mausoleum for the prophet Abraham in Ayn al-Arous, Syria.Via Atlas Shrugged:

From the video: A radical Wahhabi group affiliated with al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) is seen surrounding and then destroying with a bulldozer a historic mausoleum or shrine visited by pilgrims for the prophet Abraham, who supposedly spent some time with his wife Sarah in the town of Ayn al-Arous where the shrine was built. Ayn al-Arous is located south of Tal Abyad in the Raqqa province in northern Syria.

The person filming the scene refers to the shrine as containing heresies and being worshiped besides Allah without specifying who exactly worshiped the edifice.  (Comments)

 Manufacturing Islamic History

Bizarre “Palestinian history” argument between Arabs

David was not a Jewish king but a Muslim. (These people are insane.)
In Assabeel, Abdullah Azzak quotes a paper by Muslim Brotherhood personality Professor Abdel Fattah Dukhan. Given at a conference on Palestinian Arab issues, Dukhan argues that the ancient Canaanites were Arabs who fiercely defended their land from the invading Hebrew hordes and held off the invasion for 140 years before David conquered Jerusalem and the Jews occupied this Arab land (way before the Arabs came from, um, Arabia.)Azzak is pained at this view of history, especially coming from the Muslim Brotherhood. To him, this argument ignores the holiness of the Land of Palestine and Dukhan is ignoring the Quran.

You see, Allah did promise the land to Abraham – who was, of course, Muslim. All the prophets who followed him – Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus – were Muslim too, and they understood the importance of Palestine to the Muslim people. The Hebrews were an Arab tribe and their language is just a variant of Arabic.

The Quran says that David was not a Jewish king but a Muslim as well, and it describes his conquering Palestine as a great event. How can Dukhan ignore this clear Quranic fact??

Today’s Jews are not the descendants of the holy prophets of old. Today’s Jews are all Khazars, as everyone knows. Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin, and Islamic Jihad founder Fathi Shikaki, and Fatah leader Abu Jihad, are the real descendants of Abraham and the other prophets who Allah promised Palestine to, says Azzak.

You see? It is a fundamental disagreement between people who believe history from a book of myths and those who create their own modern myths.

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