Bella Italia: African Immigration Minister Demands Polygamy to Promote ‘Social Relations’

It is the height of stupidity to allow Mohammedans to settle in the dar-al harb. Those who believe that helping them to participate in the political process somehow helps ‘integration’ are certifiably insane.

Italian Integration Minister: “Polygamy Promotes Social Relations”

Cécile Kyenge, Minister for Integration in the new Italian government, who admits having been an illegal immigrant in Italy when she first arrived, has stirred up controversy in Italy by saying she wants to suppress the notion of illegal immigration in Italy.

Born into a family with 38 children from the father’s four wives, which however was Catholic, (I doubt it seriously) the minister declared that the church would have to learn to adapt to the world:

“Growing up with so many brothers and sisters gave me the impression of living in a community. That facilitates relations with the rest of society, outside of the family,” she declared to a television station in the peninsula.

Source: Les Observateurs

One thought on “Bella Italia: African Immigration Minister Demands Polygamy to Promote ‘Social Relations’”


    When islame was originally created, it was modeled on the Jews monotheism (whose twelve tribes are never at war with each other) because the pagan Arab tribes were always at war with each other; their so-called culture always was and still is only based on might-makes-right and us-against-them. Muhammad simply codified that nonsense for all time, said god still wanted them to commit those crimes, “but only” against a common enemy: against anyone and everyone who refused to join Muhammad’s new islamic war and plunder cult. And of course Muhammad really only set this up to enrich himself, so he’d have an excuse to commit every crime known to man, enthusiastically and often. Needless to say, when not united in common hatred of non-moslems, all moslem Arabs (and moslems in general) still gleefully indulge in waging war on each other.


    According to the books of such embedded cultural anthropologists as Rapheal Patai’s “The Arab Mind” and Carl Salzman’s “Culture and Conflict in the Middle East, Arab “culture” (which is codified in the Qur’an) glorifies the tribe over the individual, so each tribe engages in us-versus-them, might-makes-right wars all the time.

    The best way to keep your tribal numbers up is to have each man marry four or more wives, which guarantees he will breed four (hopefully male warrior) children each year, while also depriving his enemy’s tribes of those same women and warrior-breeding ability.

    This is also why they marry their own cousins all the time (so the enemy tribes can’t steal their women and potential warrior-children, thus weakening their own tribes) and it’s also why they have “honour” killings (because if they can’t control even their ‘weakest’ members, then they will invite attack from other tribes AND they’ll have lost those women’s warrior kids to their enemies, too!

    So if they don’t kill their own women, then those women’ s actions will eventually get them all killed!

    Libtards in the West refuse to see this easy truth, and pretend it’s the moslems’ “cultural rights” to out-breed and conquer everyone.

    PS: Not surprisingly, the only non-Arab or non-moslem, so-called “Christian” countries which also have honour-killings, are all colonies which derive their cultures from Spain – because Spain was violently conquered and enslaved by islam for 780 (for almost 1,000) years, that’s why!

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