David Cameron, Defender of Islam

Mullah Daoud, a Saudi Bitch?


British Prime Minister David Cameron defended Islam following the Islamic terrorist attack in Woolwich.

“This was not just an attack on Britain, and on the British way of life, it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to this country. There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.”

Clueless Cameron a Craven Suck-Up (Scaramouche)

With leadership like that, the U.K. is doomed.

His take on the bloody, broad daylight beheading is the same as the Islamists’—that it represents a “misinterpretation” of Islam. Does he read the Koran the way Tony BLiar does?

Two London Butchers Were Known To, Being Investigated by Security Officials 

11 thoughts on “David Cameron, Defender of Islam”

  1. Does that mean the conservative Cameron is also a secret Muslim Marxist too?

  2. I am one of many who are sick and tired of Cameron and his government and its pandering to Muslims and Islam. The jihadi murder of this young soldier, a much loved son, brother, husband and father – has shocked the nation, but Cameron and the others care nothing except for “social cohesion”.

    Sayeeda Warsi – “curry princess” mouthed the usual rubbish about it being a small minority etc.etc. and as for Cameron’s comments – he, Clegg, Miliband and all their crony MPs should resign immediately. They should not be allowed to treat British people like fools.

    We have been lied to, disrespected, and we are waking up.

  3. These people like Cameron and the mayor, etc. are just like Faust (and all of Faust’s incarnations in all Western storytelling and mythology). They think they’ve made a deal with the devil that they’ll win. But, as all deals with the devil work, they will be destroyed by it. But, if it’s OK with them to blood sacrifice British citizens and soldiers to Allah/Islam on a daily basis and live in unceasing chaos, well, I guess they’ll be OK. Personally, I think the UK is lost unless they stand up now, but apparently they are so dhimmified, they’ve forgotten how to stand. The face of that black Muslim terrorist on the video is what we’ll all be facing on a daily basis very shortly. It is iconic, the picture of things coming.

  4. Atheist, politicians are what they are. They say one thing, present and reveal others. Obviously, Cameron is a dhimmi idiot. Chris Christie says he’s a Republican and Conservative; however he is also a dhimmi fool. Whadaya do?

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