Dearbornistan: “Fears of harassment and attacks by Christian missionaries” forced cancellation of Arab festival

Alternative reality from  OnIslam:

“Sad & Fearful Muslims”

CAIRO – Fears of harassment and attacks by Christian missionaries have forced the cancellation of the biggest outdoor festival of Arab Americans in the United States.

“It’s unfortunate there are groups who are seeking to create problems and incite people in a community where people are trying to build bridges of diversity,” Suehaila Amen, 34, of Dearborn, told Detroit Free Press.

Arab-Americans were planning to hold the annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn on June 15-17.



But organizers decided to cancel this year’s festival over worries of new tension with Christian missionaries.

“The one year hiatus will allow organizers to explore all opportunities for the upcoming year,” reads a statement on the American-Arab Chamber of Commerce’s website.

Featuring live music and performances, carnival rides, henna designs, crafts and jewelry, the outdoor festival aims to promote Arab-American culture and local business.

But the 18-year event saw tension in recent years after attacks by Christian missionaries, forcing city officials to move the festival to open space to a public park to restrict access.

In 2009, a group of missionaries yelled at visitors to the festival “that they were going to hell because they were Muslims”.

Some missionaries also posted videos of the encounters, sparking complaints about the Muslim community in Dearborn.

Tension escalated the following year, resulting in the arrest of a number of missionaries, who hit back by filing lawsuits against the city on claims of restricting missionaries’ freedom of expression at the festival.

Some have said that treatment at the festival proves that Dearborn is under Islamic Shari`ah, a claim the mayor has repeatedly dismissed as ludicrous.

The situation worsened last year after a group of missionaries brought a pig’s head mounted on a pole along with signs that denigrated Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him).

Angry with the behavior, some Muslim attendees hurled objects at the missionaries, including water bottles.

‘We made them do it’, you see? Its our fault… why can’t we just submit….

But enough, back to reality:

 Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI

Dearborn Arab International Festival Canceled This Year

Posted by / Answering Muslims

It’s sad to see the festival canceled, but it’s probably in Dearborn’s best interest to cancel it. Terry Jones and Ruben Israel were coming to the festival to protest, and some of the attendees don’t respond well to protesters. The city has made some important strides over the past few years, mostly due to the persuasive power of lawsuits. However, until the citizens of Dearborn can somehow convince young people not to react violently to constitutionally protected free speech, it’s better not to draw a crowd.Not surprisingly, Niraj Warikoo of the Detroit Free Press is blaming the cancelation on “aggressive” Christian “extremists,” and not on the security guards who assaulted us in 2009, or on the police officers who arrested us in 2010 for having a peaceful discussion (and, two days later, took us into custody for distributing Bibles outside of the festival), or on the young Muslims who chased a preacher out of the festival in 2011, or on the young Muslims who viciously attacked Ruben Israel’s group in 2012. For the Detroit Free Press, problems at the festival are always caused by Christians, even if the Christians are bleeding after being pelted with rocks. I wonder if Niraj will ever realize that, by refusing to hold Muslims accountable for their actions, he’s treating them like children, and engaging in a subtle form of racism (the racism of lowered expectations).

Dearborn–After growing religious tensions between some Christian missionaries and local Muslims, the annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn has been canceled for this year, organizers said Friday.

The announcement left many disappointed that a small number of aggressive extremists could ruin what had become a tradition in the eastern section of Dearborn, which has a significant number of Arab Americans.

The city and organizers were facing increased insurance and liability costs because of the tensions and lawsuits over the festival. Last month, the City of Dearborn had proposed moving the festival to a park instead of the traditional location on Warren Avenue in order to decrease conflict.

But Fay Baydoun, director of the American-Arab Chamber of Commerce, said Friday that it would have been impossible to organize a successful event in time at the new location. Baydoun said she hopes that next year’s festival will “come back better and stronger.” (Continue Reading.)

Be sure to read the comments on Niraj’s article, to see how he’s managed to convince his readers that a handful of Christian “extremists” caused all of the problems at the festival. I suspect that, if people like Niraj had reported honestly on what was happening at the festival in 2009, the problems would have been addressed and dealt with, and the festival would continue to this day.

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  1. This can be expected in an increasing number of cities across the United States as Muslim infiltration continues, as native US birthrates decline, and as the fascist counter-culture of Islamic ideology takes hold. This will continue until our government and media finally catch on to what Islam is all about. Right now most officials don’t care to distinguish Islamic leaders from Mother Teresa.

  2. It’s astonishing how quickly muslims have turned it around to paint themselves as victims – but entirely expected.

  3. I’m sorry to say I don’t have much sympathy at all for Christians in this case. I know for certain that many Churches here in Melbourne support the ‘mohammadan cause’ in the name of their savior, being charitable, turn the other cheek etc etc etc, their AIR HEADED stupidness is to blame for this death cult invading our shores and other countries around the World today.

    There would have to be two solitary Christians that I have the most admiration for, Danny Nahlia and Mark Drurie who stand up to be counted the rest blaaah.

  4. In that case the Dearborn guys would be your kind of Christians, because they stand for what they believe. What’s wrong with that?

  5. The central ethos of Christianity, in stark contrast to Islam is

    1. Love your neighbour as yourself
    2. Love your enemies. Do good to those that hate you.
    3. Forgive those that do harm to you.

    Such an ethos is what civilised far more savage tribes such as the Vandals, Vikings or Berserkers, and started the universal civilisation in Europe.

    Muslims are frightened, that without the protection of a sharia police, Islam will loose under the intellectual challenge of non-violent and peaceful Christian missionaries.

  6. A tribe or people can never achieve civilization if they live by the ethos of an “eye for an eye”. Arab tribes, even before Islam, lived by the principle of even “two eyes for an eye”. In fact, they went one better, and took revenge for future acts of violence they knew would be visited on them sooner or later. Islam merely codified these traditions.

    Thus a vicious cycle of revenge and greater counter-revenge, was automatic in all societies that live by the ethos of an “eye for an eye”. In such societies, a civilized nation, that is one that lives by the rule of law, can never take birth.

    That is why Christianity or its step child secularism (render unto Caeser etc) will become the norm all over the world.

  7. Sheik sometimes you got to take a big bat and change attitudes. Them arsehole Muslimocreepnazis only know one language and it certainly isn’t love or tolerance.

  8. @DP111 – you are mistaken: “an eye for an eye” is pure moral justice, while only it’s exact opposite, or the jungle-law of might-makes-right, is what drives islam.

    “An eye for an eye” describes cause-and-effect, proportional justice, admitting that only the predatory criminal aggressor is to blame, and not their innocent victims, and is alone to be punished for their crime.

    Contrast that with islam’s “might-makes-right” meme, where even if I start it, so long as I remain stronger than you, then you AREN’T allowed to take my eye in retaliatory and just punishment for my crimes of having taken yours first.



  9. As for this Dearborn “Arab” Festival: it’s always been spcifically billed as an ARAB festival, NOT restricted to being a MOSLEM Festival!

    If they had simply called is an ISLAM FESTIVAL, and said “No Kaffirs (the DIRT) allowed!” then probably none of the Christians would have shown up to argue with them.

    1. Yes and No.

      In the encounter with the Christians, there are many Muslims claiming ‘this is a Muslims area, this is a Muslim festival’ etc. A poster on JW also claimed its a Muslim festival, (how could it not be?) because if its not Islamic, what is it?

      They tell us Muslims and Arab is not the same thing and accuse us of ‘stereotyping’, but when it comes to the crunch its them putting Islam uber alles, because as you know: nothing else matters…..

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