‘Fight them until there is no more resistance, and none is worshipped except Allah alone…”

And if any believe not in Allah and His Messenger, We have prepared, for those who reject Allah, a Blazing Fire!  Qur’an 48:13

Muslims murder and terrorise infidel sons of apes and swine, but the real problem is “Islamophobia”. And ‘Backlash’ baby, ‘BACKLASH!’

The UK’s dhimmi gubmint springs into action:

UK: Police handcuff and arrest 85-year-old woman for offending Muslims

Britain gone insane. “Chatham pensioner, 85, charged after allegedly abusing Muslims outside Gillingham mosque in wake of Woolwich terror murder,” by Lynn Cox for Kent Online, May 25 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur)

Thought Criminals Arrested after London Horror

 “Woolwich attack provokes anti-Muslim backlash across UK,” blared a Telegraph headline. “The murder of soldier Lee Rigby has provoked a backlash of anger across the UK,” the DailyMail reported. “Woolwich murder sparks anti-Muslim backlash,” a headline at the BBC website proclaimed. (Bruce Bawer)

For all these references to a nationwide “backlash,” however, details were scarce.

UK: Muslim punches woman in the face at EDL rally

The mainstream media will no doubt report this as the woman, in a sudden paroxysm of “Islamophobia,” ran violently into the poor Islamic supremacist’s fist. That’s the way it always is with the EDL. But don’t worry: the Islamic supremacists are safe from 85-year-old women.

Meanwhile…Police rush to home of hate preacher Anjem Choudary to protect him and his family after threats as he blames Cameron’s ‘crusade’ for ‘turning young Muslims to terror'” – Blazing Cat Fur

Video thanks to Pamela Geller.