Hamas to Abbas: “Abducting Soldiers Is The Heart Of Our Culture”

Some cult that is:

“Abducting Soldiers Is The Heart Of Our Culture”

From the Jerusalem Post: Hamas to Abbas: ‘Abducting soldiers is at the heart of our culture’ Kidnapping Israelis is a source of pride, not shame, declares spokesman in rebuttal to PA president’s speech By Elhanan Miller May 28, 2013 Palestinian Authority President (  Read More…by Hugh Fitzgerald)

The Jihad, Slow Or Fast, Must Go On

From Commentary: Pal-Arabs Want U.S. Cash, Not Peace

Secretary of State John Kerry and some Israelis, notably President Shimon Peres, had high hopes for the latest initiative to improve the Palestinian economy. Kerry arrived at the World …Read More…
David Horovitz:

Israel Should Be Poor; Palestine, Rich Then We’ll Have Peace?

Shoshana Bryen on Jerry, who believes that Israel’s current enjoyment of peace and prosperity are so bad for it: Read More…

Iraq PM pledges to hunt down ‘outlaws’  (al Jizz)

Nouri al-Maliki speaks out against perpetrators of violence that has blighted Iraq and killed hundreds of citizens.

The recent wave of killings in Iraq has claimed more than 400 lives since the start of May [AFP]

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has vowed to confront perpetrators of violence following a recent spate of car bombings in and around Baghdad that left at least 68 people dead.

In a show of cabinet unity, al-Maliki appeared on Tuesday with four leading ministers, including the country’s two most senior Sunni politicians, to speak of his government’s insistence on facing down the fighters.

UK accused of unlawful Afghan detentions

Because the Talibandits conduct their jihad lawfully. (Shakespeare had it right: shoot all the lawyers!)

Law firm representing men held at Camp Bastion says detainees are held for up to 14 months without access to lawyers.