Iran plans to end “ethnic cleansing of Muslims” in Myanmar

There is no “ethnic cleansing of Muslims” in Burma. The Buddhists have been extremely patient with the muslim invaders from neighbouring Bangladesh, and over time nearly a million soldiers of allah have settled among them. Needless to mention that  muslims seek to remove the existing order by converting the idol-worshiping Buddhists to Islam, which is their religious obligation and highest purpose in life. So far the Buddhists have only reacted to Mohammedan aggression; but they are already accused of every crime under the sun. Interesting is that while sunni & shia are blowing each other up nearly every day, when it comes to fighting the kafirs they stick together. After we’ve been hearing calls for jihad from Indonesia’s Abu Bakar Bashir and from many Islamic leaders, the the mullah’s of IRAN are now trying to do their part in the war against Buddhism.


 Shia boys flog themselves bloody during Ashura celebrations in Myanmar.

In the meeting with the UN ambassadors of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) members in New York, Mohammad Khazaei expressed his concerns about the ongoing violence and human right abuses against Muslims in Myanmar.

He called for urgent actions to end the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in that country and proposed to OIC members to ask the UN Secretary General to take immediate and effective measures to stop the current situation and to avoid further disaster against Muslim population of Myanmar.

Khazaei believed the silence and indifference by international community on conditions in Myanmar as the reason of further violence against Muslims and their human rights in this country. Mohammad Khazaei welcomed the establishment of a Contact Group of the Islamic Cooperation Organization in Myanmar.

“We look forward to the investigation and recommendations of the OIC contact group, and their fact-finding mission to the region.”

He urged the UN General Assembly to hold a special meeting on Myanmar and pass a resolution tostop the brutalities against the Muslims.

Mohammad Khazaei also asked the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon to dispatch an independent fact-finding mission to Myanmar to probe human rights abuses and identify the perpetrators behind the acts of violence there.

“The OIC countries should urge Myanmar’s government to arrest and punish the violators of human rights and the perpetrators of violence against the Muslims,” he said.

Iran Permanent Representative and Ambassador to the UN urged the use of all means including drafting a special resolution on Burma in the UN Human Rights Council and considering various uses of public diplomacy instruments including media campaigns for international awareness about the situation in the Myanmar.

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  1. The Buddhists have been very patient with the muslims. If the idiots in the OIC start to cause Myanmar grief, then they can expect the same several times over.

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