Multiculti Jackass Nick Kotsiras Lectures Europe About Australia’s Failed Multiculti Experiment



Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Minister Nick Kotsiras went to nations including the Netherlands, home of anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders, who made a controversial tour of Australia earlier this year.

No red carpet?

Mr Kotsiras said that he didn’t go to Europe to lecture governments about their migrant policies.

He would have loved to. But he didn’t learn anything either.

Kotsiras must have missed that  Europeans are realising that “it is not the government’s job to integrate immigrants.”

“A large number of people who I spoke to on the street felt that they were not wanted, that they did not belong to the country and they were seen as outsiders,” he said.

Nothing to do with Islam, right?

the world is divided

“There are no government programs like in Australia, where we say we want your specific skills, cultures and religions that stand you apart from others – because that is our strength.”

No we don’t want “specific skills, cultures and religions”which keep us apart. We need unity, because diversity divides us, Mr Kotsiras.  Diversity and multiculti saps the strength of any country. No country in history has survived Mohammedan settlement. No country in history survived Islamic conquest.

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  1. Eventually Islam,the Koran and mosks must be banned as an existential threat to the West. Those who don’t like it can leave.

  2. The fat tard in this video has no idea how stupid he looks in his brown dress and funny little cap, clearly aiming to pick a fight because his massive ego was insulted. What sort of religion is it that can breed such self-aggrandising fat pigs?

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