Munich: Muslims Burn German Constitution, Threaten & Swear at Speakers From the Freedom Party


From our good friend Michael Stuerzenberger,  one of the most courageous fighters for freedom in Europe today:


Last Saturday’s  FREEDOM rally  in the inner city of  Munich was besieged by many young fanatical Muslims, mostly females. They screamed hysterically, whistled, threw us looks of hatred and insulted  us in the vilest ways  (“son of a bitch”, “fool”, “asshole”, “fucking bastard”, “fuck the Jews in the ass”, “Shut up”, etc).  At the end of the eight-hour day rally we distributed editions of Germany’s Basic Law, (the constitution)  and told them that these were the rules of our living together and not Sharia. A Muslim woman shortly after this was seen burning the booklet of the Basic Law,  for which there are several witnesses. Under German law, this is an  indictable offence. A charge against unknown persons has been registered by the police.


Two young Muslims complained that one of our exhibits was a little porcelain pig (piggy bank). They seriously demanded that it should be removed, because pigs are considered to be ‘unclean’ in Islam. Even though Muslims are a minority, they don’t shy away in trying to enforce their religious views, rules, laws and attitudes on us.


The Israeli flag is of course seen as a provocation, just like the singing of the national anthem.


Another Moslem stepped up to our booth, grabbed some flyers and  tore them up, encouraged by screaming Muselmaniacs and supporting loons:










In German from PI:

Die Kundgebung der FREIHEIT am gestrigen Samstag auf dem Münchner Stachus wurde von vielen jungen fanatischen Moslems belagert, die meisten übrigens weiblich. Sie schrien hysterisch, pfiffen, warfen uns Blicke voller Hass zu und beleidigten massiv (“Hurensohn”, “Depp”, “Arschloch”, “Scheiß Bastard”, “Fick den Juden in den Arsch”, “Halt die Fresse” etc). Am Ende des achtstündigen Kundgebungstages verteilten wir Ausgaben des Grundgesetzes und sagten ihnen, dass dies die Regeln unseres Zusammenlebens seien und nicht die Scharia. Eine Moslemin wurde kurz darauf dabei beobachtet, wie sie das Deutsche Grundgesetz laut Zeugenaussage zusammen mit zwei Freundinnen angezündet und verbrannt haben soll.

Zwei junge Moslems beschwerten sich darüber, dass an unserem Stand ein Sparschwein steht. Sie forderten, dass es weggenommen werden müsse, denn das Schwein ist bekanntlich ein unreines Tier im Islam. Alles klar? Sie versuchen schon jetzt, uns ihre Weltanschauung, Verhaltensweisen und Regeln aufzuzwingen.

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  1. Of course mostly women were there,they don’t work,only stay home,make children and receive money from the German Government .Shame !

  2. Those Ignorant Germans don’t realize that islam is a threatening world domination fascist power weapon to people with money and connectivity for the most of the Germans stay there looking like rabbits was a fan time hearing the screaming muselmans insulting the people from freiheit if you don’t understand what islam is please don’t be a part of a hilarious party making by Muslim fascist threatening normal people ho has the right to inform the rest of us.

  3. Time for these countries to round up and and deport Moslems! Thier not fit for Western Society,they can’t handle the freedom !! They need a boot on their neck or they act like animals !!

  4. individuals all need a perfume bottle filled with “skunk juice” for self protection

  5. Ah, these hordes of moslems are such a boon for the civilized lands which import them! Such a benefit to society, such inclusive diversity they represent!


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