Our courts must stand up to the Muslim who sits

 Our courts must stand up to the Muslim who sits

Andrew Bolt:  Islam (not “Islamism”)


Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge was correct. Mohammed Issai Issaka was ”very disrespectful” in refusing to stand for her,

So she was wrong to not send him to the cells until he learned his manners.

Yes, credit to Milledge for at least challenging Issaka when he claimed this week his Muslim faith obliged him to stand for no person. Other magistrates and judges don’t.

But it is a pity it was a confrontation Isaaka won after half an hour.

Isaaka, charged over last year’s riot against an anti-Islamic YouTube video, had his defiance legitimised. He will inspire others who see Australian authorities as weak, and Islam as a powerful creed that justifies trampling on our laws and customs.

In this case the 44-year-old Lakemba immigrant trampled on a tradition – not law – of standing as a judge enters court.

This is not a mark of respect for the judge as a person. Isaaka was not, as he claimed, asked to stand for Ms Jacqueline Milledge.

He was asked to show respect for our rule of law – vital in turning individuals into a community, and tribes into a nation.

Does Isaaka understand that? He’s said to come from Africa. What does he think helped make Australia the safe and well-regulated haven that so many Africans and Muslims bust a gut to come to?

It is that we have laws which bind everyone, regardless of faith, color, wealth or place of birth. Equal protection under the law means we are judged on our merits, not identities.

This breaks down that dangerous temptation to play us-against-them games – to rob or bash Peter because he’s not in the tribe of Paul.

So it’s no surprise that Muslims who in the past refused to stand for our judges include some who feel so little duty to non-Muslim Australians that they plot to kill them.


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