Rivers of Blood


The shocking murder in London yesterday brought to mind the famous speech by Enoch Powell 45 years ago . . . . . . what amazing insight and courage he showed.

If our politicians had one tenth of his ability, they would immediately:

1.  Denounce the myth of multiculturalism

2.  Stop immigration from Islamic countries, by force if necessary.

3.  Deport all illegal aliens.

4.  Withdraw all Australians from military or associated service in Islamic countries.

5.  Stop all foreign aid to Islamic countries.

6.  Ban the building of any further mosques and prohibit praying in public places.

7.  Insist, backed by imprisonment and/or deportation, that all Australian citizens obey our laws.

But there is not yet any sign that our politicians appreciate the imminence and seriousness of the problem.  So we must fight on and we must educate them.

Phil Molony


WTF is the liberal message?

There are no limits to the lengths the media and political elites will go to sanction the savagery of jihad.

What the hell is wrong with our betters that they are hellbent to vilify and criminalise truth tellers while turning themselves  and us into serfs for the vilest ideology on earth?

Slaughter us in the streets, hack us to death — no worries, we will go after those who disagree with the doctrine that commands holy war.– Enough already!  (PG)

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Thanks to Holger Danske, Europe News

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