So much for the idiotic West

by Hugh Fitzgerald

All The Bluster About Western Invervention In Syria Has Led To Only One Thing: Much Greater Danger For Israel


It was foreseeable that the Russians would do something in reaction to all the talk, from Hague, from Fabius, from John McCain, and others, about lifting arms embargoes, and no-fly zones, and all the rest. The result, apparently, is the delivery of anti-aircraft missile systems, better than anything the Syrians have had, and a great danger to Israeli aircraft.

So much for the idiotic West.

And as usual, whenever it chooses to intervene or even to say it  will intervene but doesn’t, the repercussions are felt not by those who sit comfortably in Europe and North America, but on Israel, surrounded by mortal enemies, and the object of permanent Jihad, conducted using whatever instruments are available and most effective.

It is Israel that pays, again and again, for the mistakes of Western leaders who can’t calculate, can’t see ahead, can’t factor in.

The story:

Bashar al-Assad says Syria has received missiles from Russia

BEIRUT – Syria has received its first shipment of long range S-300 air defense missiles from Russia, President Bashar al-Assad was quoted as saying Thursday, raising the specter of further Israeli intervention in the two-year conflict.

More stupidity: