Stockholm: “They Don’t Want To Integrate”

“Sweden has been trying harder than any of the countries in Europe to try to push for integration. We have invested virtually billions from taxpayers’ money into it, we have tried everything that the scientists have presented – and still it’s not working,”

“They live in their area, and they feel the area is their own. And when the police arrive, they feel they are you intruding into their, sort of, ‘country.’ The police… who work in these areas, there have to be in two cars, one protecting the other. People are trying to maintain buildings, to have security guards, the fire department can’t work, they get attacked by angry immigrant youth that feel like they’re intruding into their own area, even though they’re trying to help,”  the chairman of the Sweden’s National Democrats Party Marc Abramsson told RT.

The Truth In Stockholm: “They Don’t Want To Integrate”

Youth gang Muslim riots in the Swedish capital Stockholm have entered fifth straight night. Hundreds of mostly immigrant teenagers (?)  tore through the suburbs, smashing windows and burning cars in the country’s worst outbreak of violence in years.


At least six vehicles were torched throughout the city late on Thursday while the police called for reinforcements from other Swedish cities bracing for further unrest.

Firefighters were putting out flames that engulfed several cars and a school in immigrant-dominated areas of Stockholm.–Report, wiith nearly 400 comments, at RT, here. …Read More…

‘Multiculturalism failing’: Swedish PM pleas for order as riots engulf Stockholm suburbs

Hundreds youths hurling rocks, burning cars and smashing windows for the second day in a row in Stockholm say they are protesting against police brutality and inequality. In Sweden, critics of the multiculturalism policies lash out at immigration laws.

The Usual Nonsense Offered Up To Explain Muslim Rioters In Sweden

 NBC news misleadingly identifies the Muslims rioting in Sweden and destroying property both of individuals and the state as “immigrants’ or as “youths” but never as Muslims. But these “youths” are not just any “youths” of all ethnicities and religions. And …Read More…

Svenska Dagbladet, Or Sweden Begins To Discover The Muslims In Its Midst

Stockholm restaurant torched as riots spread BBC News-12 hours ago A fourth night of unprecedented riots in Stockholm has seen unrest spread, with a restaurant and up to 40 cars burnt, police told the BBC. Cars burning as Stockholm braces for …Read More…

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  2. Ive got a better idea, have the government start issuing arms and ammunition to all the non muslim population. Then give the zombies what they deserve.

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