Sweden (still) burning


Beware of Media BS:

The media is crippled by its own self-censorship — beheadings in the streets of London, bombings in Boston, thousands of burning cars, Sweden under siege, but still the media cannot say the M word.

For those who don’t speak media, “Asian,” “immigrant,” “youth,” “immigrant youth,” “North African,” and “Moroccan” all mean the same thing. The prohibited M word — blasphemy under the sharia. “Do not offend Islam.”

Social exclusion is to blame. Housing is to blame. Disrespect for the police (non-sharia authority) is to blame. Everything and anything is to blame except what’s actually to blame. And Sweden is getting swallowed whole.

Muslim Riots in Sweden:  Police Station Set On Fire

Here we go again: The police is at fault for shooting a guy who was threatening people with a machete. For the scribbling twits, its  perfectly cool for a Mohammedan enricher to run around swinging a machete, but its wrong for the police to shoot him.

Hundreds take to the streets of Stockholm as riots prompted by the police shooting of a 69-year-old stretch into the fourth night.  (I couldn’t care less if he was a 16-year old. Why does this PC scribbler think it matters?)  More below the fold or go to SKY News

Muslim Riots in Sweden: Cars burn in fourth night of Muslim violence

The riots are Muslims, but the Islamic contempt for the kuffar and jahiliyya society is never considered as a root cause, any more than it is even when a Muslim beheads a soldier on a London street and invokes the Qur’an by way of explanation. “Riots in Sweden: Cars Burn in Fourth Night of Youth Violence,” from Spiegel Online, May 23 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

“Every-time they riot they get more money” – a somewhat honest explanation for the Swedish riots

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H/T The Observer

Groups of youths Mohammedans in Stockholm have burnt down a restaurant and torched more than 30 cars in a fourth night of rioting.

The unrest is being blamed on police shooting and killing a 69-year-old knife-wielding man on May 13.

Hundreds of young people are said to have been involved in the rioting in immigrant suburbs of the Swedish capital.

Local media also said a police station office was set on fire in the suburb of RÃ¥gsved and police in the southern city of Malmo said two cars had been set ablaze.

Three police in Stockholm were also injured in the unrest.

The rioters have been heading out at nightfall over the past four days, ignoring calls from Sweden’s prime minister to end the violence.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has appealed for an end to the violence

Selcuk Ceken, who works at a youth centre in one of the affected suburbs, said: “It’s difficult to say why they’re doing this.

Its a real head scratcher, nothing to do with Islam.

“Maybe it’s anger at the law and order forces, maybe it’s anger at their own personal situation, such as unemployment or having nowhere to live.”

Its far worse back in the sewers they crawled out of….

The killing of a 69-year-old man in the suburb of Husby – which prompted accusations of police brutality – is said to have sparked the violence.

Sweden traditionally prides itself on having a reputation for social justice and hospitality towards refugees.

But a steady decline in welfare provision since the 1990s has been blamed for increased inequality and high unemployment, particularly among asylum seekers and immigrants.

Sweden ranks second in the absolute number of asylum seekers relative to its population, according to UN figures.

The left-leaning tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet labelled the riots a “gigantic failure” of government policies, which it said had led to inner city ghettos.

These leftist  wankers  should take these soldiers of allah home with them if they’re so concerned. WTF do they have they blame the government for Mohammedan hostility and violence?

The Riots in Sweden —By SAMUEL GOLDMAN 

Sweden has the reputation of being a placid, comfortable place, where the contradictions of capitalism have been softened into irrelevance. That reputation is now very much out date. For the last four nights, mobs of young men have run riot through the suburbs of Stockholm. No deaths have been reported, but windows have been smashed, cars burnt, and police attacked with stones and other weapons.

The riots were set off by the police shooting an old man who threatened them with a machete. In light of yesterday’s atrocity in London, that decision looks eminently reasonable. But allegations of police brutality are really just a pretext. The rioters, most of whom seem to be Somali immigrants or their children, are angry at what they see aseconomic and social marginalization.

This attitude is particuarly disturbing because Sweden has invested more energy and money to integrating immigrants than any other European country. It’s also reliably prosperous: there’s no mass unemployment, as in France or Spain.  What’s happening around Stockholm, then, can’t be explained away as a reaction to official neglect or poverty. Rather, it’s a predictable consequence of  mass immigration from the Third World  into a small, ethnically and culturally homogeneous society.

Immigration critics on this site and elsewhere worry that the United States is failing to assimilate the millions who have come here, legally and illegally, since the 1960s. I think those fears are mostly exaggerated. Although fashionable multiculturalism can inhibit assimilation, American life has proven to be an reliable solvent of foreign identities. As Christopher Caldwell has argued, however, the classic nation-states of Europe lack the cultural resources to absorb an influx of population from some of the poorest and most backward societies in the world. I’m glad I don’t live in Stockholm tonight.