UK: Enemies of Islam Identified

Sharia Scare Shakes UK: ‘Law of the land go to hell’

So-called Muslim patrols are again active in London – with vigilantes trying to impose Islamic ideals on the local population. And while arrests may have tempered the activists’ zeal, they continue to promote their views – some of which are quite radical. But moderate Muslim leaders fear their actions could discredit the whole community, as RT’s Sara Firth reports.  (Russia TV)

Absurdities and Immoral equivalence from the Guardianistas:

Both the would-be terrorists who plotted the Dewsbury attack and the EDL rely on each other to incite their supporters’ hatred

A motley crew of British patriots (the EDL)  is just as crazy as the worlds 1.5 gazillion Muselmaniacs? Really?

Grievances, Grievances Uber Allah!

Many young British Muslims have adopted a narrative of ‘victimhood’ or a ‘siege mentality’, buying into the idea that they live in a society that’s hostile to their values.

On the other hand, global wars like Iraq and Afghanistan feed into that narrative … More narrative adopting and feeding at The Voice of Russia  (Mullah)

 Injustices are inflicted by the U.S. government …”

 Muzzling “Islamophobes Absolute Priority” in Belgium

In Belgium, hate speech law converges with blasphemy law

by WALTER OLSON on APRIL 30, 2013

Anti-religious, xenophobic, and “Islamophobic” speech has already drawn prosecution in a number of cases and some in the European country wish to push the trend further [Dr. Jogchum Vrielink, University of Leuven, via Volokh]:

On the political level too some are attempting to increase the legal sensitivity for ‘Islamophobia’. Senators Fauzaya Talhaoui and Bert Anciaux, for instance, introduced a draft resolution on 21 February 2013, aimed at the ‘the fight against Islamophobia’.

Following the definition offered by the Runnymede Trust, the Senators understand ‘Islamophobia’ to entail the ‘strong presence’ of any of eight elements, including: ‘Islam as monolithic and static’; ‘Islam as inferior to the West and as barbaric, irrational and sexist’; and ‘Islam as violent, providing support to terrorism, and actively involved in a clash of civilisations’. Such ‘Islamophobic’ ideas, Talhaoui and Anciaux contend, “incite to discrimination and racism, and require unequivocal condemnation and judicial prosecution”. They argue that the police and that the office of the public prosecutor should be instructed to treat the issue as an absolute priority.

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  1. I just read the comments at the ‘Guardian’ article. Very interesting. Critical voices were getting through.

  2. “But moderate Muslim leaders fear their actions could discredit the whole community”
    Yeah, sad, isn’t it? 99% of Muslims make the rest look bad. Boo hoo …

  3. It’s always “wrong”, “unrepresentative”, a “fringe minority” and the “behavior would never be condoned”, but they ALWAYS do it don’t they?

    Coming to America (or already here). Learn to protect yourselves in armed and unarmed combat.

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