UK: Ignorance Marries Dhimmitude; Calls For More Censorship



Officials Jump into Action After Terror Attack – Arrest Twitter Users For Ugly “Anti-Muslim” Tweets

British officials jumped into action following the bloody terror attack this week… And, arrested Twitter users for ugly anti-Islamic tweets.– From The Daily Mail via GWP

That’s what “destroying western civilisation by their hands” means…..

Great Idea: More Censorship!

Woolwich attack: We must tackle hate preaching over the internet, security experts say

Security experts have called for a major crackdown on extremist websites in the wake of the Woolwich terrorist attack.    — 

Britain runs out of money before it runs out of Islamic terrorists

Mohammedan Advice Against  Jihad?

Woolwich attack: Baroness Warsi tells TV to stop giving air time to ‘idiots and nutters’

Woolwich attack: Baroness Warsi tells TV to stop giving air time to 'idiots and nutters'

Baroness Warsi spoke out amid a growing furore at Westminster about the amount of coverage given to Anjem Choudary and other militant Islamists on the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 News.

Jet diverted to Stansted after two passengers ‘tried to storm’ cockpit

Two men Muselmaniacs who tried to burst into the cockpit of Pakistan International Airlines flight from Lahore to Manchester Airport were in police custody last night.    –  read full article at

Archdhimmi of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby says the response from the Muslim community has emphasised that this “brutal murder” has “no place in Islam”. He added that this was very much the time for communities to come together.

Mullah Nick Clegg:

Nick Clegg: murder of Drummer Rigby ‘flies in the face of Islam’

The murder of a serving soldier by suspected Islamist terrorists in London “flies in the face of the peace and love that Islam teaches”, Nick Clegg said today.  (Did Nick Clegg ever read a single page from the Koran?)

No ‘finger pointing’, sez John Yates, Ex-Met terror chief

3 thoughts on “UK: Ignorance Marries Dhimmitude; Calls For More Censorship”

  1. It truly is a weird justice system they’ve got in the UK when posting an allegedly offensive comment on social media about Muslims is a remandable crime but Anjem Choudrary and his ilk aren’t even hauled in for questioning over their comments.
    Goodbye (once) Great Britian, you doom is near!!

  2. As al lifelong, practising Anglican, I am utterly disgusted by the Archbishop’s wilful blindness. While witnessing the final ethnic cleansing of Christians from the entire Middle East, he has, apparently, agreed to be Patron of some ‘Christian-Muslim Fellowship.’ Well, Your Grace, tell that to the Copts.

  3. Camoron, Clegg, the Archbishop of idiots and worst of all al-bbc, continual islamic whining you’d think the soldier was a muslim and the killer a christian (then again, maybe not the middle east would be in flames by now and there would be bodies everywhere!!!!)… what is really funny is how camoron and clegglet are suddenly expert on islam….

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