Britain Should Submit

Get it over with, people. Submit to allah and be safe. (sarc/off)

“Britain should stop going to war with Muslims” – Galloway


The Respect Member for Parliament George Galloway represents a sizeable Asian community in Bradford West. VoR’s asked him what should be done to defuse tensions. -  The Voice of Russia

There haven’t been any attacks on Muslims but:

Senior police say the number of attacks against Muslims has increased sharply in London.

Police say most of the attacks have involved verbal abuse.– BigPond News

Home Secretary Theresa May jumps on the fake hate-crime bandwagon, which means blaming the EDL for things they didn’t do and praising Muslims for aiding and abetting the global jihad:

Theresa May: “shocking and barbaric”

“The (death) of Drummer Rigby was no more in their name than it was in mine, or anybody in this chamber, and I welcome the extra steps by the Metropolitan Police and others to counter this threat to them.”

“British Muslims make a valuable contribution to our society.”

Not so sure about “British Muslims”, but since  the Arabs own 48% of Britain’s economy, the word is out that politicians  are cheaper than ever…..


Far-right groups ‘threaten summer of discontent’

 (not wingeing, whining Muslims…?)

Muslim political commentator Mohammed Ansar has said that the “government is being complacent on issues such as crimes against Muslim communities”.

“This is almost puts us into a situation where this country is sleepwalking into a summer of discontent,” he told ITV Daybreak.