Egypt: Copts tell U.S. Ambassador to “shut up and mind your own business.”

Is Anne Patterson a closet Muslim?


The U.S. ambassador’s position as the Brotherhood’s lackey is disturbing—and revealing—on several levels.

Egyptian politician calls U.S. Ambassador Patterson ‘member of Muslim Brotherhood sleeper cell’

U.S. ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson exposed the Obama administration’s allegiance when she urged Egyptians—including the beleaguered Christian Copts—not to protest against the Muslim Brotherhood

Raymond Ibrahim:

Libyan Intelligence:

 Anne Patterson with chief headbanger from al Azhar,  Mohamed Ahmed El Tayebannepatersonhjab

3 thoughts on “Egypt: Copts tell U.S. Ambassador to “shut up and mind your own business.””

  1. Since when do Western women have to wear headscarves when with Muslims? This is a very disturbing trend, which even the Queen has adopted.

  2. This Q was asked yesterday:
    “Should Congress Declare War on Egypt?”

    Yes, and we should detain all Egyptians here in the US who voted for the mb..which would be 95% of them. We should also arrest all members of this regime, congress, & the senate who supported them as well. They’re all traitors to our republic.

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