Indonesia: Miss World to Face Off Against ‘Vocalists’

“Tiny minority of excremists” call the shots:

Most Muslims in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Islamic country, are moderate, but a small extremist fringe has become more vocal in recent years.

That’s why Tim Blair calls them VOCALISTS

Bikinis axed from Miss World to avoid Muslim threats


Not good enough:

“Hard-liners Vow to Stop Miss World”

Not satisfied with bikini ban, Islamic supremacists in modern, moderate Indonesia vow to stop Miss World– Once again: whose bright idea was it to hold a beauty pageant in a country full of Sharia supremacists? And if its just a ‘tiny minority of excremists’, then why does everyone kowtow to them?


Allah hates bikinis

Who had the bright idea to hold a beauty pageant in Indonesia? “Bikinis axed from Miss World in bid to avoid Muslim threats,” by Harry Hawkins for The Sun, June 6 (thanks to JW):

BIKINIS have been banned from this year’s Miss World contest – to ward off Islamic hardliners in Indonesia who threatened Lady Gaga.The pageant is taking place in the Far East country for the first time and organisers are wary of upsetting Muslim fanatics.

In a bid to calm any tensions, the 137 women will ditch the traditional swimsuit round and instead wear more conservative outfits like sarongs. (More)


Indonesia is part of the problem

Indonesia is more than just part of the problem:

Indonesia supplies most of the leaky vessels and crew that asylum seekers use to travel to Australia. Without this facility offered by Indonesians, asylum seekers would not bother travelling to Indonesia in their thousands. Yet when Tony Abbott rightly says he will turn around the boats (if safe) to the country of origin, namely Indonesia, Indonesia’s ambassador has the cheek to say it is not Indonesia’s problem. Any Australian leader with the guts, and with Australia’s national interests as a priority, would stop the hundreds of millions  (actually: billions!) of dollars in aid we give to Indonesia until they stop aiding and abetting the illegal people smuggling business. It is time for Australia to take hold of its immigration policy.

Michael Burd, Toorak