Israel: IDF uses skunk spray against rioting Arabs

The Pal’s find it ‘humiliating’ and claim ‘we’re not animals’- so lets not insult  animals…..

Israel have unveiled a new type of crowd control.

Skunk Spray. This new “weapon” is fired from a water cannon type platform and will soak the target in an absolutely gut wrenching putrid smell. Non-toxic and harmless apparently you can even drink the fluid and it will cause you no harm, although reporters who have caught even a whiff of the smell say that it immediately makes you want to vomit. Although the Israeli / Palestinian conflic is nothing to admire, surely you cannot help but be impressed by such a device which allegedly will disperse a crowd in an instant with no physical harm done to the target.

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Israeli Skunk Spray Weapon by zzinn

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Terrorist Earns Hebrew U. Doctorate, Refuses to Shake Hands

A terrorist who served two prison terms for involvement in terrorism, including a plot to carry out a suicide bombing, has been awarded his doctorate in chemistry from Hebrew University, Maariv reports.
The terrorist is an Israeli citizen and a resident of eastern Jerusalem.

PalArab doctors attend Israeli medical expo

I guess they are not part of the “civil society” that is supposedly boycotting Israel.
A head of state has priorities, after all.
It is beyond me how Western diplomats can read this position paper, written in plain English, and still claim that Israel is the intransigent party.
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In an article about Obama-backed Syrian jihadists who beheaded a Christian and fed him to the dogs, Pamela Geller stated it best:

Every day presents more proof that Obama is on the side of the Islamic caliphate to rule the world and destroy Western civilizations which includes Israel and America. Obama is the enemy within.

Obama recently announced he will be giving away another $300 million of our taxpayer money to the al-Qaeda Syrian rebels which now brings the total to $815 million. Proof that these rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda presented by USA Today.


JihadWatch reports the following:

“Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of” —New York Times, April 28, 2013

Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda — USA Today, April 11, 2013

Bringing the total to $815 million for the allies of al-Qaeda and proponents of jihad and Sharia. “Obama announces extra $300 million in aid for Syrians, refugees,” by Ian Johnston for NBC News, June 18:

The U.S. is to give more than $300 million in additional “life-saving humanitarian assistance” to Syrians caught up in the country’s civil war, Barack Obama has announced, taking the total amount given since the conflict began to nearly $815 million.

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