More African Muslims make their way to Australia

Who signed our birthright away? Who made us providers for third world savages?

People smugglers spread word. Now Africans hear our door is open

Andrew Bolt


People smugglers have opened new offices in Africa, as a sideline to their profitable Middle Eastern travel service:

PEOPLE-SMUGGLERS in Kenya and Somalia are telling Somalis seeking asylum they can easily get them to Australia through Malaysia and Indonesia. Australian Somali Association president Abdullahi Farah said he had been expecting an influx of Somalis arriving by boat as the message of an Australian option grew.

It comes as a woman was found dead on an asylum-seeker boat carrying about 60 Africans and people from the Middle East [above] after it was stopped by HMAS Warramunga east-northeast of Christmas Island on Saturday.

How well will they fit in? Sydney’s Auburn City Council prepares:

Most Somalis follow Islam and the majority are Sunni Muslims…

The civil war has fueled clan identity and conflict with Somalis identifying themselves firstly with their clan and then with the Somali people. These divided loyalties have given rise to ongoing conflict within Somali communities who have resettled throughout the world…

The unrest [in Somalia] initially consisted of a series of clashes between various tribalists and the former Government and since the mid-2000s had a strong militant Islamist focus that intended to establish an Islamic State…

Seek information on the cultural practices of the participants to ensure they are accommodated prior to activities taking place… For example, men and women of the Somali community do not often shake hands with the opposite sex…

The asylum seekers group largely came in the mid-1990s following the outbreak of civil war… However, resettlement gaps do exist that have impacted on integration into the broader Australian community with social isolation and family breakdown reported as common experiences of this group. The… group has also reported a range of settlement issues such as lack of access to training and employment, language and cultural barriers, trauma and financial hardship…

Arrivals under the Family Reunion category were mainly immediate family members of Humanitarian Entrants… Whilst this group had the advantage of family support, they were not able to access the same level of settlement support services and were also at risk of domestic violence and social isolation. 

Police in Victoria also warn of very high crime rates among the community:

SUDANESE and Somali-born Victorians are about five times more likely to commit crimes than the wider community, a trend that must be addressed to prevent Cronulla-style social unrest, police warn.

Is the Gillard Government being fair on Australians by leaving the door so wide open? Is it importing tension and strife?

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  1. Does this mean we are expected to feed, clothe, pay and educate all of these “refugees” at the tapayers expense, how are we to do that when we can’t even look after our own.
    Well there goes another $2.4 billion down the drain…..oh by the way Xmas is cancelled this year, the govt can’t afford to pay santa and besides it might upset a few mussies.

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