Muslims are special, we must all submit to them, or else…

Remember–Islamics are special, and we must ALL submit to them or else

Dr. Laurie Roth


The Islamic Caliphate of lies grows like a yeast infection the size of King Kong. We all know that the Islamic controlled UN has never stopped trying to hide behind “rights of all religions” to try and cram through an international edict or treaty to steal all our free speech, destroy Christianity and Judaism. I have always felt a bit of comfort knowing a treaty would have to be passed through the Senate, but with Obama’s pro-Islam and anti-American agenda AND a Senate following him like anti-American slaves…I am concerned what we may face.

The exposure of so many cover ups, crimes, and lies being vividly revealed and tracked back to Holder, Obama, the IRS, DOJ, and other high ups, just may save us. We shall see how the ongoing investigations pan out.


Our criminal attorney general, Eric Holder, is in the spotlight of endless investigations already exposing his numerous lies and cover-ups to Congress. He and the DOJ are now trying to make it a criminal offense to say anything real about Islam. To even inform the public about the facts of Sharia Law and to share actual verses out of the Koran would be considered “slander” to Islam.

Obama and his worker bees have always been against our Christian values, heritage, and the freedom of speech that comes with that. I know as a national radio talk show host and commentator, I have no interest in persecuting any group of people, nor Islamic folks. I find it stunning and very “tell tale” that the DOJ, Obama, and other radicals controlling our country right now would consider it a crime to even quote from Islam’s own Koran and Sharia Law – to simply tell the truth and expose real and dangerous behavior.

Apparently, we are not to notice that Sharia Law says women are worth half of men and beatings and rapes are permitted for Muslim wives. Crucifixion of gays and stoning of rape victims without four witnesses is considered the norm in Sharia Law. Yeap, I didn’t notice that one either. That would be rude and slanderous of me.

On and on the violent and forced rules of Sharia Law unfold, allowing and promoting murder, beatings, and torture on a daily basis. Don’t forget the “oh, so holy” honor killings now done in America and throughout the world. I must face it though… I am the slanderer and would be committing a crime to dare notice this and share it with my audience and readers.

Just this week, I was reminded of the “specialness” of Islamics and their rights. Star Transport, a trucking company that delivers products to customers, dared to fire two Muslim employees, because they refused to deliver alcohol. Now the tucking company faces a huge lawsuit by the EEOC, saying they broke federal law and didn’t accommodate the employee’s religion.

What good is a truck driver who hunts and picks what he will deliver based on his religion, what his grandma says, what his preference is, or what makes his girlfriend happy. He has a job to deliver products for the trucking company – not submit to his own personal hassles, issues, or religious needs.

Over the last few years, we have seen the same madness of Muslim taxi drivers refusing certain people rides if they had alcohol and dogs. There were stories of workers demanding a place and time to pray five times a day, even if it was almost impossible with the job they had. Then, there was the Islamic Deli Diva, who refused to slice pork because it offended her religion. What was she doing in a deli then?

The bottom line in America is that government, courts, and businesses NEVER should have started to accommodate and submit to the demands of Islamics. Sharia Law should have been outlawed in all 50 states a long time ago and employers and common sense work requirements supported, not screaming, whining, and law-suit-demanding Islamics.

Accommodate this. Why don’t all the Islamics who support Sharia Law, even though it supports murder, torture, and racism – and all those Islamics who demand to redefine commonsense work requirements…accommodate yourself right onto a plane and get out of our country.

Demand to your representatives and senators that ALL our freedoms, including speech continue.

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© Laurie Roth

3 thoughts on “Muslims are special, we must all submit to them, or else…”

  1. Sharia “law” (crime) IS already illegal:

    The only principle any one ever need agree to, is of course the Golden Rule of Law which defines all situational morality as Do Not Attack First. From this agreement, we gain trust, progress, and civilization; this “social contract” means our only real right is to not be attacked first, and our only real responsibility is to not attack (therefore innocent) others first. Period.

    The rest are all symptoms, and all sub-sequent valid legislation depends on that Rule: Every law is an if/then warning which says, in effect: If and when you choose to attack first in this, that, or those ways, then this, that, and these punishments will apply to you.

    Bad laws are slanderously “pre-emptive” first attacks, like all gun control laws:

    “Since you DO own a gun, therefore you WILL use it to commit some crimes, SO we must now stop you by ‘defensively’ attacking you first – for your own good, of course!”

    There’s no if/then; they are threats, not valid warnings. Pretty much every “law” any liberal ever passes, is some form of extortion like this.

    Other bad laws depend not on what your free-will choice of what you might DO might eventually be, but on their subjective yet objectifying definition of what you ARE: in islam’s prejudicially slanderous us-versus-them and might makes right sharia code, all weaker groups – foreign infidels, women, children, slaves – are openly and officially pre-discriminated against, encoded right into their system of criminal laws.



    Muhammad’s call to non-Muslims is known as *aslim taslam:* “Surrender and you will be safe.”

    A forced “faith” isn’t a “faith” at all – it’s only extortion, and extortionis always a crime.

    1. “Surrender and you will be safe.” -*aslim taslam:*

      Your life may be spared, for the moment. But you are not spared the humiliation and the state of chastened subservience, you will not prosper by paying the jiziya ‘with willing submission while feeling subdued’, and you will still be terrorised by having your daughters taken for the harems and your sons will be turned into Muslim soldiers. You will not be safe until you become a slave of allah, and there is no safety in that either.

      1. True! Any liberal quislings who imagine that merely by saying the shahada they will be made safe from Extortion, the Religion of Thieves, have another think coming to them – for all ‘true’ moslems MUST engage in personally risky, violent, offensive jihad against the rest of the infidels!

        So as soon as a liberal enabler declares his islam, the others arounnd him will be helping to size and fit him out in his very own brand new suicide bomb vest!


        A forced “faith” isn’t a “faith” at all – it’s only extortion, and extortion is always a crime.

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