Toronto imam prays for the demise of his infidel hosts (the Muslim Issue)

“Oh Allah destroy the kaffirs and give us victory”

Here is a gem from a Toronto mosque. The Imam makes the ritual prayer before the Friday congregation, asking God to destroy and defeat Christians and Jews [Kufaar] and for a victory of Islam over the infidels.

Listen to the Audio clip here


Muselmaniacs are masters of victimhood.

Nobody does grievance theatre better:

Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of IHRC, said: ”Muslims feel scared right now and it is completely understandable.

”Muslims have been physically attacked, mosques burnt down, cemeteries vandalised and social media is full of anti-Muslim hatred and violent threats towards Muslims. More needs to be done to protect the Muslim community.”— (Mullah)

In other news:

Economics expert and terrorism authority Russell Brand now turns his mind to the NSA scandal. Brought to you by CNN. (via Tim Blair)  Last year he outed himself as a complete asshole when he tried to put Pamela Geller on the spot in his tacky TV ‘show’.

6 thoughts on “Mustardry”

  1. “Muselmaniacs are masters of victimhood”

    They seem to be unhappy people.Blame others and other things for their problems.

    “5. Self-Responsible
    Have you ever met a happy person who regularly evades responsibility, blames and points fingers and makes excuses for their unsatisfying lives? Me either. Happy people accept responsibility for how their lives unfold. They believe their own happiness is a byproduct of their own thinking, beliefs, attitudes, character and behavior.
    And just as happy people never blame others, external circumstances or the universe for what is or isn’t a part of their lives, sexy people don’t either. Just think about the epitome of the unsexy: A whiny, sniveling, accusing, blaming, irresponsible victim of life. Not happy. Not sexy.

  2. Russell Brand is the epitome of a libertine (“liberal”) – an infantile delinquent and criminal negligent cowardly dhim-wit who willingly Submits to the holy extortion racket.

  3. Brand is as hollow as a tin drum.

    The shit he pulled on Pamela Geller puts him frimly in the loony bin.

  4. Navigating to your site brings up 2011 page and items….. something wrong or is it me?

      1. Having no facts on their side, libtards, muzzies and other shallow fascist criminal gangsters must resort to shooting the messengers who would expose their crimes.

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