Obsessed and deranged….

“Don’t let jihad murders divide us…”  (but the world is already divided into believers and kuffars….let not ‘diversity’ divide us…?)

Rigby murder ‘should not divide us’ says Met’s Hogan-Howe 

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has called on communities not to be divided by the death of Drummer Lee Rigby, after fires at an Islamic centre and an Islamic school. …More on the divided nation with its “communities” at BBC News via Mullah

Egypt: Cairo demonstrators join ‘Global March to Jerusalem’

Only 30% of these MoFo’s can feed themselves. I guess the 1.4 billion Hanoi Kerry slipped them under the table are being put to good use:


Islamic harlotry in the Vatican

“Clumsy Infidels”– (Muslims are the victims)

Muslims in the UK have been under attack since the horrific murder of a British soldier on May 22.

Shuja Shafi from the Mustard council of once great Britain:

First, there is the need for a responsible public discourse: too often public figures resort to clumsy actions and phrases that lead to a hike in Islamophobic incidents. Our politicians, perhaps under pressure to “do something”, start talking about the problem within Islam, or of Muslims themselves, of mosques, madrasahs or Muslims on university campus. … (al Jizz)

Obama: Wounded … and Dangerous »

by : Beware the president’s modus operandi: respond to defeat with radicalization. –Read More »


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  1. I found the cause of the fire! Brilliant detective work if I have to say so myself. There were 128 people threatened by the fire, I assume a number of them were schoolmasters. The school was built to accommodate 260 boarders. With less than 50% capacity they must be losing a fortune, time for some insurance jizah or whatever they call it.

  2. Posting “I dislike islam” on twitter or facebook = islamophobic attack.
    Shooting & killing kufir collegues = workplace violence.
    Logic goes out of the window.

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